Watch: Teyana Taylor Auditioned for Upcoming Aaliyah Biopic

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the upcoming Aaliyah biopic, and many are not too happy that Disney actress Zendaya Coleman has been chosen to play the deceased R&B singer. Interestingly enough, now other up and coming young black actresses are coming forward and claiming they too auditioned for the part.

Keke Palmer claims she auditioned for the starring role, but decided to back out because she learned Aaliyah’s family was not a part of the project and her own family wasn’t comfortable with that.

Now Teyana Taylor’s good friend Tyrone confirmed Teyana auditioned too but backed out when she heard Aaliyah’s family isn’t supporting the film.

Here’s a few videos of her dancing, singing and even speaking for the audition:

How do you think Teyana did?

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    1. Damn man it does look like she got her nose done. I loved her first nose. I think she’s a gorgeous girl and she didn’t need any work done.

  1. I think she did a good job. I always thought she had a beautiful voice. I’m not sure if I believe she dropped out of the running though. She most likely just didn’t get the part.

  2. Eh, she did pretty good. But she was never going to get the part and neither was Keke. They aren’t exotical enough. Lifetime didn’t want anyone who actually looks black to have that role.

  3. She has a pretty voice, great dance skills but I can’t see her being Aaliyah. I’m not thrilled about who they did choose either, but what more can anyone expect from Lifetime?

  4. She’s not a good actress. But her voice…man she sounds good! And I’ve always heard she was great dancer so I’m sure she would have killed all the dancing scenes. But if Aaliyah’s family isn’t down for the movie, it’s understandable why she didn’t go through with it. Let Zendaya have it. It’s going to be corny anyway from what I can see.

  5. Tey did good but I would have to see how other people auditioned compared to Tey. I see big things for Tey I am feeling her song Maybe.

  6. I didn’t even know she had talent. Every time I read about her it was about something stupid she did on social media. Good for her.

  7. Can’t hate. She did her thing. But maybe it’s a blessing she won’t be in this wack a-s movie. Even Aaliyah’s family wants nothing to do with it.

  8. I think she did great but I don’t think she should’ve been given the part either.. Aaliyah is pretty girl tom boy, Teyana is hood tom boy. I still think Lolita Price should have gotten the part; she looks just like Aaliyah.

  9. She’s very talented, I couldn’t see her playing this role , but she does have talent. But she should work on her acting though

  10. i think she could be good for this part.but i know due to her being of darker skin she wouldnt even be looked at for it.people are looking for a replica of aaliyah and its ridiculous.talent is talent

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