Erica Dixon Talks Current Standing with Lil Scrappy

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Will Scrappy and Erica get back together? Erica Dixon is no longer with up and coming model O’Shea, but now the reality star has some suspecting she could possibly rekindle her on and off romance with Lil Scrappy. However, Erica revealed in a recent interview that she is so done with Lil Scrappy that she feels they can only be friends now.

She tells Cocoa Fab:

“Scrappy and I are just done. We’re trying to be friends. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t hate him. I have forgiven him and I want to get to a place where we are cool and we’re able to be friends. So far, so good. We have to deal with each other for the rest of our lives. It comes to a point where enough is enough.”


  1. Girl bye. When you find out your spot on the show will be lost next season, you’ll be back with Scrappy just to save it.

  2. For some reason I really doubt they are done. I mean one of the last things she said to O’Shea is that she can have Scrappy whenever she wants. That doesn’t sound like she’s completely done.

  3. I would have believed her if they have already broken up and gotten back together so many times in the past.

  4. Man I hope she means this. Scrappy may be a great father and friend but he’s not ever going to give her what she needs in a relationship. Especially with Momma Dee still acting like she runs everyone relationship he gets in.

  5. I don’t believe her sorry boo you need more people. Speaking of Erica I have a serious question to my UB family would you rather have a man who was a provider and has infidelity issues or would would you rather have a man who isn’t financially stable but is loyal.

    1. I’d take broke and loyal over rich and stable any day. My hubby was broke when we started dating, but he had a masters degree and was very loyal to me. I believed he could overcome his money issues and end up in a better place with time. And he has. He went from broke to having a 401 k and stocks. He has a good career now too. Money comes and goes. One day you have a lot and the next day you may go broke. But character issues (like cheating) are permanent in most cases. You can show someone how to make more money, but showing them how to be loyal is harder to do.

    2. I agree with Queen and The Truth. Loyalty to me is more important. I think any good woman can help her man become wealthy and more successful. Look at Michelle and Barack. When he met her, he had on torn up shoes and he was nothing but an intern, she was the one with the money. But with her support and encouragement, she helped him become president. So a man’s bank account can be changed as long as he isn’t lazy and wants to do better.

      1. See it’s the Barack/Michelle story that has me not judging men for not having money when I meet them. Ambition is everything and it’s a turn on for me to meet a man who started off with nothing but ends up having more than he did when I met him. So I agree, I can do a man who is “under construction” as long as he’s willing to work hard and remember that I was with him before he had the money. LOL.

        1. Oooh good point! You can have a man’s back when he had nothing and then when he gets something he could turn on you! That does happen sometimes so that’s something you have to consider if you do give a broke guy a chance.

    3. Only lazy chicks want a man to provide for them and will put up with cheating just because the man has money. I’d rather get my own and have a man who hustles just as much as I do so we can both work towards building something together. So I guess I’d rather have the loyal broke dude. But he has to have ambition! If he’s ok with being broke, I can’t deal with him.

    4. Well all men cheat so you might as well get a cheater who has money to make it worth while. #shrugs

    5. Tough question but I’ve dated both. All in all it’s hard to be with a man who has so much money he thinks he can treat you any kind of way. I tried it and I left with my dignity and will never do it again. The guy who didn’t have money was hard to date because I like to get out the house and he couldn’t’ afford it. But he was a good guy who wanted more and eventually got a good job but it meant he had to move out of the state. Damn it. LOL.

    6. I think I would prefer loyalty but one of my closest friends has been with her fiance for years. He is loyal and doesn’t have infidelity issues but he has no get up about himself no ambition like whatsoever. Like he will work but the last couple of jobs she has had to find for him. It’s like everything is on her to be the provider and to run the household. When anything goes wrong she is the one that hustles to get them out of a problem. They have been together for 5 years and really and truly nothing has changed. I need to seem some growth or something. I don’t think I can deal with that kinda broke I’m just being honest. We really need a discussion board lol.

      1. Your friend’s dude is lazy. A broke man isn’t bad if he is trying to become better. If he’s ok with being broke, he’s a bum and should be avoided at all costs.

    7. A man who doesn’t want to be the best he can be isn’t a man at all. A broke man isn’t hopeless, as long as he has ambition. If he doesn’t have any, don’t waste your time.

    8. Chhhhiiiilllllleeeee I would rather have the one that is broke and loyal. He could cook, clean, grill, mow the lawn and so much other countless sh-t that wives do. I just don’t want to catch no HIV or lose no energy over messy b-tches calling my phone and all the lying he gone do when you find out. Cause you will find out. It’s not worth the pain and heart break (people do die of that too)because I’m in a big house with jewelry and red bottoms. Hell why not just upgrade the n-gga. It’s possible…good question girl you need to repost that to other sites. Sidenote: did’nt on the show during the clip O’Shea stated that she had gone to Scrappy house one night and he didn’t say anything. Chile we know they still f-cking!!!

    9. Good question. For me loyalty is the number one thing. So if a man with money wasn’t loyal, I couldn’t be with him. Finances can change. Morals don’t change very often when you’re grown.

    1. Remember, its a TV SHOW . Nothing on TV is exactly true anymore…most of it is staged. They were basically told to sit in front of cameras and act all friendly and stuff. I mean, throughout the whole entire season scrappy hasn’t really interacted with Erica as much, now all of a sudden he wants to rash out his life to her? Seems a bit funny…to be honest it was none of her business. I bet if it was up to Erica, the only thing they’d be talking about is their daughter. Not their relationship because as far as they’re concerned, its none of their business.

  6. As for the whole ‘scrappy & erica’ getting back together debate…I’m on both sides. I think they will get back together but I also think they won’t. They could make THE PERFECT couple if Momma Dee doesn’t rash out on Erica as much as she does. I also don’t think they’d get back together because it’s been awhile since they’ve broken up. Scrappy is with his ‘girl aka: sex drug’ Bambi. Erica (was) with O’Shea, but since they’re done I’m sure she’ll find someone else.

    Theres really no telling on if they will go out or not. It’s really up to them…who knows what goes on off cameras. The only thing we know is what they’re doing on television and portraying on their social accounts to back up their one-hour-of-fame show & one-hour-of-discussion fan critiques. I personally want to see them work it out…but they both have their flaws so who knows?

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