Bad News for Christina Milian

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you several months ago that R&B singer and actress Christina Milian had gotten engaged to her long time beau Jas Prince, but for weeks now it’s been rumored that the couple’s romance was on the rocks. And now Christina’s rep confirms to US Weekly that the engagement is off:

It’s over. Christina Milian has called it quits with fiance Jas Prince after two years of dating, a rep for the star’s family confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

The singer/songwriter/actress, 32, called off her engagement to the Rap-a-Lot Records CEO earlier this month. She moved her stuff out of their shared house in L.A. on Thursday, June 19.


      1. The Dream said that. But he’s so messy that I don’t know if he was just being honest or spiteful.

  1. I read that they broke up because she was sleeping with Wayne, I don’t know how true it is but she has horrible taste in men though.

    1. You mean to tell me she ruined an engagement to a decent man who treated her daughter like his own just to become part of Lil Wayne’s harem of birds? I cannot.

    2. Can y’all imagine her and Nivea sharing the exact same set of baby daddies (Weezy and The Dream)?! Lawd!

      1. Girl!!!! I didn’t even think about that. That would be an absolute mess. Both them had potential, fell completely off and have worst taste in men. They really have had the same path when you look at it smh.

  2. I’m not surprised. She’s signed to Young Money/Cash Money right? All those women have relationship problems thanks to their bosses if you catch my drift…

  3. Christina really has to smarten up. No matter who she “dates” or messes with, her music career is never going to happen. So she needs to stop running behind these producers and rappers/singers and just leave the music industry alone. Get back to acting and raise her daughter in peace with The Dream. And eventually a good dude who is not whoring it out in the music industry will come around when the timing is right.

  4. Yeah I keep hearing she’s messing around with Weezy and her fiancé found out and it went downhill after that. I don’t know how true it is but she seems to always have the hardest time in relationships. Maybe she picks the wrong ones? IDK.

  5. Hmmm maybe it’s time for her to take a break from dating and to stop dating men in the entertainment industry.

  6. I think she’s one of those women who uses her c–ch to get ahead in life and when a man can no longer do for her career, she leaves them and moves on to the next. I can totally see her moving on to Lil Wayne. The problem is he is not going to settle down with her or anyone else.

  7. I really thought they were happy because he really loved her daughter. Goes to show you that people can look happy all day long on social media but you never really know what they are going through in their relationship behind closed doors.

  8. I hope she is not messing with Lil Wayne! He has no intentions to settle down with one woman! It’s not even worth it.

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