Chris Brown Praises Karrueche, Then Disrespects Her?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown is back to updating his Instagram account regularly since he’s no longer in jail for violating his probation, and so far it’s been made clear on social media that his relationship with Karrueche Tran is still going strong.

In fact, Chris hopped on Instagram not too long ago to give his girlfriend praise and he think she’s real for being so supportive of him during the troubling moments of his life:

chris brown instagram

However, hours later he posted this photo and caption, causing chaos in the comment section:

chris brown instagram 2

Many deemed the comments made by Chris as inappropriate and disrespectful. But some of Team Breezy ran to the comments to defend their fave’s harsh words for his girlfriend, and they claim it was just a harmless reference of a “Family Guy” episode:

What are your thoughts? Harmless joke or disrespectful?


      1. You don’t think stereotyping all Asian women as bad drivers isn’t racist? Ok, then how do you feel about the thought that most single black women are usually on welfare? Both are wholly inaccurate and generalized statements used to stereotype a group of individuals of a certain races as somehow inferior. i.e Racism.

  1. I think it’s a bit of both. He was just joking, but I still can’t get with it when a man calls a woman a B! To me that’s incredibly disrespectful. It also seems a tad racist too because he’s reinforcing a stereotype about Asian women drivers. If something similar had been said about black women, it would’ve been over.

    Lord, I can’t believe I just indirectly defended Kaeruche. I need to go lie down!

  2. Chris get the hell off of Instagram. His time needs to be split between the gym and the studio. He makes it so hard to try to root for him smh. I really think I am in denial I just keep holding out hope for the Chris I loved in high school.

  3. Not surprised at all. And as soon as he gets over the whole just got out of jail and she held me down thing, he will dump her again. I don’t feel sorry for Kae because she allows it.

  4. It’s a disrespectful joke that should have never been put on Instagram. Now I am one of the people on here who tries to take up for Chris, but this is just immature and stupid. Some things just need to be left private and not put on social media.

  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if she lets him call her that name. Chris does what he wants to do and she still sticks with him. It’s a shame.

  6. The f-ck? Man, I don’t allow any man to call me out of my name whether he’s joking or not. Karrueche has no backbone and Chris takes full advantage.

  7. Of course he calls her a b-tch. She didn’t mind sharing him with Rihanna, tolerates his cheating and takes him back each time he dumps her. Why would any man respect a woman who will put up with anything?

  8. The only thing he took from Family Guy was the “good luck everybody else” part. But he called her a b-tch and he probably does it often because she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

    1. Regardless, Chris needs to do better because he’s already hated by a good number of people because he disrespected a woman and physically assaulted her. So the last thing he needs to do is call Karrueche “what she’s used to” on Instagram.

  9. Would you respect someone who allowed you to treat them like a doormat? I sure wouldn’t.

  10. Lawd…I just want to reach out and shake some sense into Karrueche sometimes. Ain’t no man’s money or peen good enough to make me put up with even half the sh-t she puts up with.

  11. He doesn’t respect her but I think she figures if she keeps being there for him that one day that will change. But it doesn’t work like that.

  12. Tacky and disrespectful. But If Karrueche is ok with it, it is what it is. That girl just will not stand up for herself and it’s really sad.

  13. She calls herself that and her friends that. I have no sympathy for any woman that gets called that word, but uses it freely to describe herself anyway. Plus Chris doesn’t know how to respect women and she knowingly dates him anyway. This isn’t surprising.

  14. dang he cant even joke about her driving without people takingit serious.obviously its a cute pic and they’re happy.hes saying he’s driving because she cant.i know he hates he messed up because now folks are on his head for everything

  15. So she’s real because she puts up with all his cheating, constant breakups, legal problems and blatant disrespect?

  16. I think this was disrespectful. There’s a way to joke around without disrespecting your girlfriend. And Chris is old enough to understand that.

  17. Ok, dont come at me im NOT stanning for Chris and if this is meant for her then it is what it is bc this is what she will allow and stand for…but is it possible that the b-tch he’s referring to is his car…being that he’s the one in the driver seat? I mean i’ve heard of people referring to their cars and other prize possessions as b-tches and he could be referring to how the car rides…like “this b-tch ride smoothe as hell”… im just sayin…

    1. I feel you but if you look closely at Karrueche’s shirt, you’ll see the Nike sign is turned the wrong way which means they actually used a mirror to take the picture and Karrueche is really in the driver’s seat. So he can’t be talking about the car and with him quoting Family Guy and the episode was making fun of an Asian woman being a bad driver, I think it’s obvious he is calling Karrueche a b-tch. Now do I think Kae cares? Not at all. So if she likes it…#shrugs

  18. Yasssss girl set me straight!! lol welp let me shut all the way up…missed the shirt and i stopped watching family guy years ago for this very reason…i tried lol…but if she likes it and doesn’t mind im not about to get upset about it…like i said before she tolerates and stands for it…

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