Kevin Hart Now Blames Divorce on Marrying Too Young

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Successful comedian Kevin Hart is busy promoting his latest film “Think Like a Man Too” as he’s been giving plenty of interviews, and as always Kevin did talk more about his failed marriage to Torrei Hart.

Months ago Kevin cited his cheating ways for why the relationship soured but now he’s blaming being young for their divorce.

He tells Entertainment Tonight:

“When people get married young, you don’t really understand the true definition of marriage. You have to learn to be partners for real, and in my first relationship I didn’t understand that definition because I was young, so you do things that you shouldn’t do.”

Interestingly enough, Kevin and Torrei were 24 when they tied the knot.

Check out the video below:


  1. How is 24 too young for marriage? He has a new excuse every interview for why he cheated on his wife. Very immature.

  2. If this is his reason for cheating, his current GF better watch out. But I think she is worried about him cheating because why else does she follow him everywhere he goes? That just seems like a lack of trust to me.

  3. If he’s blaming his cheating on being 24, he still hasn’t learned much. And that makes me think he will end up doing Eniko the same way.

  4. From a PR perspective, I really do think it’s time for Kevin to stop talking about his divorce. It just makes him look even more in the wrong about everything.

  5. I think cheating doesn’t really have much to do with age. I know people in their 40s still cheating like hell. It’s just really selfishness, and if you’re selfish you will cheat at any age. So I don’t know what the hell Kevin is talking about.

  6. OMG!!! Just stop talking about your failed marriage, it’s always a new excuse! Just admit that your marriage failed becasue you were a horrible husband and did things that you knew werent right but didnt care,not because you were young. He is really getting on my nerves! I mean is he still talking about his failed marriaged becasue all his stand up marterial was about his kids and marriage which was quite entertaining… i have yet to here anything funny or stand up worthy about his so called rib!! I guess leaving your wife for the woman you cheated on isnt very funny

    Kevin Hart
    Floyd Mayweather
    50 Cent
    Teyana’s Ex (so irrelevant I forgot his name)
    Chris Brown

    Who did I miss!

  8. He’s starting to annoy the hell out of me. Now he wants his ex wife to move on from the divorce and stop talking about it for her show, but look at him STILL TALKING ABOUT HER! Ugh he’s such an annoying hypocrite.

  9. Yawn. This guy isn’t even funny. He’ll never be on the same level as Richard Pyror, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, or Martin Lawrence. Oh well. I’ll be skipping this movie just like I do all of his movies.

  10. I’m so exhausted by all this talk of his divorce. I mean really Kevin, find something else to talk about.

  11. I like Kevin but I agree he needs to stop talking about his divorce. I mean what else is there to even say about it? He cheated, he was immature, yeah we know. No need to keep discussing it.

  12. Its young if you didn’t get the man horing out of your system before you get married. that’s what college is for. When you do the man horing for few years you’re less tempted to stray ,because you’ve been their done that.

  13. 24 is young? gtfoh lol…just say you were immature and wasnt ready.age had nothing to do with that

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