Amid Beef with T.I., Azealia Banks Explains Why She Hasn’t Released an Album

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Up and coming female rapper Azealia Banks is known more for her constant Twitter beefs than her actual music, and that is why Tiny Harris questions why she appears to be more concerned with others than her own career.

Amid her ongoing beef with T.I., Azealia actually explains why she hasn’t released a studio album yet despite engaging in numerous publicity generating beefs with other artists. She tells Out:

“I can’t talk about what I’ve been writing about because I’m just keeping stuff until I’m off this label. I can’t really risk them getting excited about me again. I kind of want them to think that I’m dead. I haven’t been leaking any songs that could potentially be hits. I haven’t been releasing anything that could potentially be phenomenal.”

Azealia adds:

“I haven’t been doing anything good because I don’t want these people to want me. It’s like a relationship with an ex-boyfriend, where you kind of do things to make him go away. Like when you don’t brush your teeth. I’m not going to brush my teeth because I don’t want you to think I’m attractive.”


  1. Girl sit your ashy and delusional a-s down. Nobody is checking for you and most people have never even heard your music before. And now that you Twitter beef more than you release music, I doubt you will ever pop! Stop lying to yourself and your five fans.

    1. She’s been “up and coming” for about 4 years or so, and still hasn’t gotten here yet. And that so-called beef with TI is a weak attempt to generate interest in a career that never has been and never will be.

  2. Yeah nobody cares Azealia and nobody is waiting on you. While you’re being delusional and starting up any Twitter beef you can get, Iggy is moving on up to a solid number two and Nicki is still sitting on the throne. You’re an idiot.

  3. She’s not smart. She’s managed to become very unlikable because all she does if beef with people and now no one really cares what happens with her and her music.

    1. and she started beefing and becoming annoying before people was even able to get familiar with her music. i dont even know her music.but from that explanation im sure its as corny and disconnected as her

  4. Yea this sounds like a bunch of BS to me. Like I said she has more potential as a troll than rapping. Stick to what you know twitter beefing with people who actually have a career and you remaining irrelevant.

  5. wtf? yousa a nasty b-tch *ratchet voice*

    on a real note, her trying to become undesireable to her label and hoarding music is the dumbest sh-t ever….and she used not brushing her teeth as a perfect example because with both youre hurting yourself more then youre doing to the other person. so for a valid question she came up with that sh-t as an answer?lol
    o i swear she’s trolling us. she has to be. she has sh-t for brains

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