Kevin Hart’s Girlfriend Goes Off

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kevin Hart’s girlfriend Eniko Parrish gets a lot of backlash on social media as a result of Kevin’s ex-wife Torrei claiming she came into the picture while the comedian was still married, however, Kevin insists there’s no truth to Torrei’s accusations. Despite that, Eniko can’t really catch a break these days on her Instagram account, but it appears she may have had just about enough of being an easy target.

The other day someone asked her if she could afford to buy anything on her own after she posted this:

eniko instagram


Eniko clapped back with the following (screenshot obtained by blogger Sip The Tea):

eniko instagram 2


  1. How can she buy anything for herself if she doesn’t even have a job and lives off the allowance Kevin gives her?

    1. Now you know she knows better than that!!!!!! She’ll clap back at some internet strangers but she won’t try that mess with Torrei. Torrei has too much dirt on her hoe/homewrecker past!

  2. Well they did come for her first so I can’t say she didn’t have a right to respond but I question what she plans to do if this relationship doesn’t last. All I see her really do is follow Kevin around and post pictures of the things he buys her and places he takes her to. She has not an ounce of independence in her and I think that’s sad.

  3. Like what was even the point of her posting that? To remind everyone who her man is? Is this the kind of stuff she posts on IG all day?

    1. Yes that is all she posts. Her whole life revolves around that man. She needs to hope and pray he doesn’t do her like he did his wife because she has no career to keep up the lifestyle he’s given her.

    1. And there it is. In pictures, she always has that “Thank God my man is famous and I don’t have to work a job” face.

  4. LOL I don’t like her, but I did get a chuckle off that. But on a serious note, I’m getting less critical of people clapping back when someone comes for them first in a hateful manner. This internet bullying really needs to stop

  5. It was funny but I do wonder if she has her own money. Anyone know what she does for a living besides follow Kevin around everywhere to make sure he doesn’t cheat?

  6. Come on now y’all that’s a fair question to ask lol. She is always on IG flossing but never talks about working or going to work. Can’t fault someone for asking a question. I might be wrong but I can’t stand her so no sympathy here home wrecker.

  7. Was there really a need to call that woman a b-tch, fat and miserable for that one question? I guess she stroke a nerve and Eniko really can’t pay for anything on her own.

    1. Now see thats what i was saying! The woman didnt say anything nasty or call her out her name, she asked one question and gets called out of her name and told that shes miserable? Eniko’s nastiness in that comment/reply/clapback or whatever wasn’t necessary.

  8. She has no reason to get mad at people stating the truth about the fact that she does nothing all damn day while Kevin supports her financially. She should enjoy it while she can and stop catching feelings on Instagram.

    1. LMAOOOO I’m telling y’all she ain’t that dumb! She doesn’t want Torrei to get pissed and start bringing out those homewrecking receipts!

  9. I just hope she’s stacking some of those coins Kevin gave her because if he cheated on the woman who was with him when he had nothing, what does she think he’s going to do to her (the woman who only came around when he had everything)?

  10. Yes the question was rude but I think she was too harsh in her response. In a way she just let that person know that it got under her skin and I’m sure that was the whole point of her asking it. It’s best to ignore fools.

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