Tiny is Over It

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny Harris’ marriage woes with T.I. have been playing out on social media for months now, and considering the couple has a reality show centered around their family life, it’s possible all of their drama could hurt their hit show.

And it also doesn’t help that Tiny has been going off on people on Instagram and even calling out T.I. for being tied to other women.

But Tiny made it clear recently that she’s about tired of people and their opinions. She clapped back recently and wrote the following:

tiny goes off on ig again

Spotted at Fameolous


  1. Lies. She knows good and damn well they marketed themselves as the new Cosbys! Now that the world sees they’re frauds she wants to backtrack!

  2. They definitely wanted people to think they are the modern day Huxtables. That’s why their intro is the way it is. She has to stop responding to people on Instagram all the time.

  3. Tiny girl I like you and all but you and Tip did label yourselves as the new Cosby family. That came out of your mouths and that is why the new intro is nothing but a redo of the Huxtables old intro. Just admit you guys tried to appear to be something you never were or will be. And while you’re at it, take your marital issues off Instagram and go ahead and file those papers ma’am. Why are y’all putting off the inevitable? For the show and that fake image?

  4. I’m waiting for the day Tiny starts ignoring the trolls. They know they can always get a reaction out of her and they love it.

  5. I wish Tiny would hop her ratchet a-s off Instagram. Only an insecure person sits on there all day everyday and reads the comments. She should be too busy for this sh-t.

  6. smh they pushed the huxtable image.they even have the beginning of their show mirroring the huxtables. she needs to stop responding to trolls and ti for that matter….and vh1 needs to cancel their show…..maybe theyre doing this sh-t to make their show more drama based for next season? i refuse to believe that theyre both this stupid to be so successful?

  7. and im pretty sure the caption she posted doesnt reflect the message of the insta pic.she needs to stay off instagram lol

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