Keke Palmer Defends Draya

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya catches so much backlash on social media on a daily occurrence, so it’s no surprise recently she went off on Instagram about constantly being slammed and now it appears someone else may be coming to her defense.

The other day Draya took to her Twitter account to congratulate actress Keke Palmer on her upcoming show on BET, but the reality star was called out by someone for not being a good enough role model to send the well wishes Keke’s way. That’s when the actress came in and defended the BBWLA star (read tweets from top to bottom):

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  1. Draya annoys me but why did that person even get in her mentions to begin with? Why have people made Draya that important that they are stalking her tweets and IG all day?

  2. I like that Keke already understands it’s not her place to judge Draya. Nowadays everyone is so quick to hop on the hate bandwagon with certain people. It’s like the in thing now to drag Draya and I’m even sure why. She’s just a reality star. Why do people give her so much attention?

  3. It was really sweet of her to stand up for Draya, but I really hope this is the last time she gives a shout out like this. One of the worst things she could do is get caught up in this IG foolishness these birds indulge in daily. She has an actual career to think about.

  4. Well ok Keke. I still think Draya is a bird tho. But I can respect her for being mature about the situation. She’s a class act.

  5. why did that loser even pop up all in their convo in the first does she need to see if shes been a good role model for a grown woman just to congratulate her?lol

    1. I have to agree with you on that one. People can’t even give compliments anymore, it’s always about hating or throwing shade smh

  6. Draya is most def a chicken head. Remember when she said something along the lines of a hoe past can be deleted. I like you KeKe but I’m not in the business of calling former Thots Inspirational

  7. Why do people stalk Draya so much? She can’t tweet anything without them checking for her. The obsession is real!

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