Kevin Hart Rants About ‘Think Like a Man Too’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kevin Hart’s latest film “Think Like a Man Too” may have debuted at number one its first weekend at the box office, but the comedian made it clear on his Facebook account the other day that he won’t be happy until Hollywood stops labeling films with black actors as leads as “black movies.”

He wrote the following:

Attention People…I want everyone to go out and see “Think Like A Man Too” this weekend…This is a real good movie people & it appeals to everybody…I hate that the industry try’s to put the title of “Black Movie” on our projects because we have a predominantly black cast. It is my goal to erase the title of “Black Movie”…We don’t call other films “White Movies”…I am in the business of making good Movies that appeal to everyone regardless of your race…the one thing that we all share is LAUGHTER & that’s what I’m providing…I want my movies to be given the same opportunities as other films…why are these studios afraid to give me international exposure? Studios say that “OUR” movies don’t perform well internationally…well that’s BULLSH*T…I sell out ARENAS INTERNATIONALLY… Which means that I have a audience INTERNATIONALLY…with your help & support this weekend the studios will have no choice but to back me… Help me MAKE HISTORY & change the game by erasing the title of “Black Movie”…we our making UNIVERSAL MOVIES…. This will open up the gates for so many young talented actors & actresses… this is big people#ThinkLikeAManToo

While the sequel did rack in around $34 million so far, the comedian feels it’s shady that the film didn’t get promoted on an international scale.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. He’s right, they don’t call movies with predominately white casts white movies but to see the change he’s wanting to see, there needs to be a rise in Tyler Perry’s. You have to be the one to make that change instead of waiting for someone to open the door for you.

    1. And while Kevin is talking about it, Tyler is actually out here doing it and ain’t asking nobody for a damn thing. LOL.

      1. Tyler Perry’s movies are not promoted internationally. No one across the pond wants to see that ignorance.

  2. i definitely feel where he’s coming from. I hate that they call our films black films and they don’t take them seriously. It’s really unfair.

  3. You had me there for a minute with the “black movie” talk, Kevin. Totally agree on that. But the “me, me, me…” is a real turn off. This was an ensemble cast, you didn’t carry the movie by yourself, nor was it only about you. So please STFU!

    1. My sentiments exactly. I was on board….and I guess I still am with regard to being against labeling movies with a majority Black cast “Black movies.” But when he began talking in so much detail about “his” success/fan base, I zoned out. I get that he pointed out the international fan base to say that this goes beyond the states, but…….meh.

  4. While I agree to a large extent, I hate that he made a topic which includes all of our black actors all about himself.

  5. He is selfish. Though I find some of his movies mildly funny, he will always get cast as the loser, the one no one really takes seriously. He need to step his game up, and make some good Movies like Eddie did.

  6. I see his point but his delivery was all wrong…he’s way to full of himself and I didn’t see the movie for him but for the entire cast. He didn’t carry this movie on his back and it’s a shame he feels that way…The more he talks the more and more i dislike him.

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