Dwyane Wade’s Ex Wife Gets a Big Win

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches Wade is still heading to court to fight back against her NBA star of an ex hubby for former cases. Not only is she suing him for “resisting arrest” charges, but now the court has completely cleared her of the charges.

Gossip Extra reports:

The charge of resisting arrest, punishable with up to one year in jail, was cleared during a short trial in a Cook County courtroom.

And ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches’ lawyer stopped just short of claiming that Wade, whose production in the latest NBA Finals was below average, orchestrated the well-publicized arrest to embarrass Funches as the two continue to battle over visitation of their two sons and their divorce settlement.

“This was a silly charge in the first place,” said Jon Erickson, Funches’ attorney. “This was the most ridiculous arrest I’d seen in my 25 years as a criminal defense attorney.”



As we told you recently, Siohvaughn claims she was also injured by the police during the arrest, so she’s suing D Wade for about $50,000.


  1. Well I guess she told the truth when she said D Wade set her up. Either way, I hope they can eventually stop all this back and forth and learn how to peacefully co-parent their kids.

  2. If D Wade lied and got her arrested, then he needs to pay up. I’m annoyed that the both of them are so calculated and petty though. They spend more time in court trying to hurt each other than they ever did trying to make their marriage work.

  3. I’m starting to believe Sio will never give up. Wade might have the money but Sio has the hate driving her, hate is a powerful tool. It is no question Wade has done some dirty and underhanded tactics but I just wish she would find some peace.

  4. It kills me how people are like she should give up and find peace. Maybe this is her process. The dude set her up and took custody of the kids. I’m not saying she’s all the way right but I wouldn’t sit there and take his sh-t either

    1. I can agree with this. I don’t know all the details of their drama, but I definitely wouldn’t give up if a man (or anyone) unrightfully took custody of my children.

  5. But “……claiming that Wade, whose production in the latest NBA Finals was below average” made me giggle tho.

  6. I’m over the both of these fools. They need to get it together and finally put their kids first. Joint custody is fair.

  7. Every time one of them “wins” it makes me wonder if they’re missing the bigger picture, which is their children. This is all going to be so embarrassing when they get older…

  8. Clearly the folks claiming she should stop and move on, find some peace, learn to co-parent peacefully, etc etc must not have any kids or any baby mama/baby daddy drama becuase when people have a “right” to do something, sometimes some folks will use that to the fullest until they can’t anymore just to make things difficult, especially when it comes to situations like this where one party has the money to keep sh-t going. I agree with India, I wouldn’t take that mess either. People setting you up to try to do you harm to hurt your privilege to see/be with your kids, bribing the courts to take custody of your kids, etc. That kinda stuff would take a toll on anyone because its not just baby mamas who make co-parenting hard, some of these men do it too just because they know they can.

    1. What is wrong with people on here wanting D Wade and his ex to have peace and get along? I’m a parent, and I can tell you that every child wants their parents to get along whether they are together or not. Do you not understand what all this back and forth does to kids emotionally? So yes, they DO need to learn how to peacefully co-parent. The kids come first and that is what both need to remember. The truth is neither one of them are winning in this situation. When the kids get old enough to read all of this, they will be mad at mommy and daddy. And that’s the truth.

      1. Thank you. Some of us aren’t trying to choose a side anymore. Now we just want two parents to step up and do right by their kids.

      2. There’s nothing wrong with wanting them to co-parent, but like I said sometimes people make it difficult for you to do so even when you are trying to do so and be the bigger person for the kids. I know women who willfully keep their kids from their fathers and they are good fathers who do all they can and these women keep these men in court by denying them their time with their children just like I have a girlfriend who’s ex husband keeps them going back to court because the guy is bitter and mad she left him and does dumb things with their son to try and hurt her. Some people are bitter, get mad and think using the kids as a pawn in immature games is a way to get back at the other parent. It happens no matter how much some people try and sometimes court is the only option for some people to get the rights they deserve when they are trying to be the best and bigger parent so I never said anything was wrong with them trying to have peace for their kids. Thanks.

  9. Sorry, I don’t feel bad for this woman. I guess I’m supposed to because I’m a woman, right? Sio is not some victim and she’s not innocent. She lost those kids because she acted like a nut case and gave D Wade the receipts he needed to make the court feel he was the better parent. And that little stunt she pulled on the streets when she pretended to be homeless when D Wade is paying her spousal support? What good person mocks the homeless and mental illness?

    And why does she deserve to have the kids back? Because she’s a woman? Bull. A man deserves full custody too. And those two boys are better off with their father. She can’t raise them to be men anyway and they are happy with their dad. I don’t think D Wade is innocent either, but he’s clearly the better parent and the kids should be with the better parent who is mentally able to give them stability. Sio needs help. No one gets a pass for hanging on to the past and being bitter.

  10. Well I think all of this just proves that D Wade is a liar who used his money and power to make his ex wife look crazy. Sadly a lot of the times she played right into his trap.

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