Teyana Taylor Gets the Last Laugh

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Teyana Taylor new boyfriend revealed? For the last couple of months, Teyana Taylor’s ex boyfriend Brandon Jennings has been flaunting his new romance with Tae Heckard all over social media, and it hasn’t been easy for Teyana to stomach since she claims Tae used to be a friend of hers.

Now Brandon and Tae are reportedly engaged, but many were shocked to later find out that Tae had to file papers to the court to end a domestic partnership with a woman she was with prior.

Well Teyana hasn’t given Brandon or Tae any attention in weeks and it appears she’s been paying them dust because she has a new romance of her own.

Teyana did tell The Breakfast Club she was dating someone special, and last night she actually posted a photo of her new boo to Instagram:

teyana taylor instagram

Teyana also write this comment in response to a friend:

teyana taylor instagram 2

Now Teyana never revealed who the mystery man is, but many are saying it’s New York Knicks player Iman Shumpert. Interestingly enough, Shumpert’s last high-profile relationship was with R&B singer Elle Varner.


  1. Looks like a side chick picture to me. Anytime I see a woman posing with a man and they go the extra mile to hide his face, it just screams side chick. So if she’s the main, she needs to act like the main and show his face.

    1. You read my mind. I’m not saying she’s the side joint, but she’s definitely behaving like one in this picture.

  2. Here we go with another “relationship” that’ll be played out on social media. And that’ll probably get real ugly when it ends. By the way, whatever happened to dating a plain old exec or something? All these women keep checking for these athletes and entertainers with a chick buffet in every city, who don’t know the first thing about being faithful. SMDH!!!!

  3. I heard she started messing with him while he was with Elle. I hope that’s not true because that means she was very hypocritical with the whole Brandon/Tae situation. But I do like her and wish her the best.

  4. Well I’m happy for her. The best revenge is happiness. I bet Brandon is sitting somewhere salty too.

  5. IDK why these singers want to keep chasing these athletes. Most of them cheat and will have break babies while they are with you.

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