Kevin Hart Defends Girlfriend Amid Gold Digger Accusations

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Kevin Hart might be on top of the world since the movie roles are still lining up and he’s proven himself as a legitimate force at the box office, but he still isn’t able to adjust to the constant criticism that comes with such a high level of fame.

When he’s not clapping back at folks on his Twitter account, he’s also checking people on Instagram.

The other day he once again defended his girlfriend Eniko Parrish after someone accused her of being a gold digger. Basically, one of his followers questioned how Eniko could be Kevin’s rib when she wasn’t even around when he was just a shoe salesman trying to become a big time comedian. Kevin had a rather interesting response. Blogger Sip The Tea obtained the screenshot:

kevin hart defends girlfriend


  1. Leprechaun please. You’re only fired up over this because deep down inside you know EnGoldDigger would dip out in a flash if you ever became a non factor. As soon as those movie roles start declining, she’ll already have a new sucker lined up and you know it. That’s why you still haven’t proposed.

  2. Him and this whole rib thing. Look his wife was his rib. Eniko is his old mistress turned main. Nothing more.

  3. You can tell people are starting to get to him about this. If he was so confident in her character he wouldn’t feel the need to keep defending her.

  4. How does he even have time to read all of his replies anyway? Shouldn’t he be too busy for this kind of stuff? Just asking.

  5. I’m exhausted with his need to keep talking about his ex wife, his current and the whole rib BS. My goodness he needs to find something else to have a temper tantrum about.

  6. It doesn’t really matter what he says about his chick, people will still have these opinions about her because his wife already spilled the tea about her. He just needs to accept it and stop crying about it. And if he’s so happy, why does he even care so much about IG comments? Just let it go.

  7. Him and his girlfriend have too much time on their hands. They read every single comment they get on Twitter and Instagram. That’s not what happy people are supposed to do.

  8. This is getting old why does he always feel the need to defend her. If you know what y’all have is real critics wouldn’t matter. But Kevin isn’t smart because if he was he would pay attention to her body language when they’re together publicly especially on red carpets and when the camera is on she doesn’t seem interested in him at all.

  9. You can never know a person’s true intentions until the obstacles come. Honestly, Kevin won’t know what kind of person his girlfriend is until life isn’t so good. That’s how it is with every relationship, famous and not famous. Sure your partner is great when things are great, but how are they when life gets difficult? Will they hang in there with you or will they leave? I think he’s defensive about her because he’s unsure of her intentions himself.

  10. He needs to stick to the movies and stand-up and stop answering back to what people say. He reminds me of Usher trying so hard to have everyone accept this girl when no one cares!

    Plus his definition of rib is way off. IJS.

  11. You mean to tell me he is still getting in his feelings about what STRANGERS write on IG about his boo? LOL.

  12. He needs to just stop responding. No matter what he says people will still think Eniko is a gold digger so no need to dwell on it. It is what it is.

  13. Boy bye. And that is not what a rib means. He had to change the definition last minute because he knows Eniko doesn’t fit the original description (the woman who held you down when you had nothing).

  14. I wonder if it was the other way around his wife was on top with a next man this would be talk about like now. would ppl be attacking his wife and her relationship? the relationship did not work out. if his marriage was that strong Ekino would be just a jump off

    1. Nah, people generally don’t like cheaters. That’s just the way it is. They are going to have to accept that they will be bashed. Just have to learn how to ignore it.

  15. He has the short rich men syndrome which is insecurities. Floyd Mayweather to the T. He has so much time invested in defending her but fails to see how immature she is on Instagram posting every bit of detail of her borrowed life.

  16. Kevin really needs to stop with the dramatics…… if it ain’t true in your lil eyes then quit worrying about it…. he is really showing the world that insecurities is running amok in their relationship….. but what he needs to worry & cry about is why bet kept catching her off guard looking at him like he was the seat filler.

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