Album Sales: Trey Songz Has Solid First Week, Robin Thicke Flops

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Two new albums dropped recently, and both Trey Songz and Robin Thicke used the BET Awards to promote their latest studio albums. However, Robin Thicke’s split from Paula Thicke has kept him in the headlines for the last few months. In fact, some folks were even starting to believe their split was nothing more but a publicity stunt to push Robin’s latest album “Paula,” but now the numbers show that the split hasn’t managed to help him sell the album.

Trey Songz had a solid first week for his latest album though.

HipHop-N-More reports:

Trey Songz and Robin Thicke are the two big debuts this week from the world of Hip-Hop and R&B. The former is getting a good response from Trigga and the album which is backed by the #1 hit ‘Na Na’ is on course to sell 85-90k in the first week. Considering the success of the single and his massive fan following, that number seems a bit below expectations. However, HDD predicts that it should be good enough for a #1 spot on Billboard 200.

Robin Thicke on the other hand is looking to be struggling a lot more as his album Paula is only projected to sell 20-25k copies in the first seven days.


  1. I don’t think people were buying Robin Thicke’s whole begging my wife to come back thing. It just didn’t seem authentic. I do like his music though.

    1. Hell everyone thought it was just a stunt. Then he made it worse by actually naming the album Paula. :-/

  2. I guess all that begging didn’t pay off he still doesn’t have Paula back and is a flop. This is unacceptable for Robin because he should have followed up with a great album after the success of Blurred Lines he had a great platform and blew it. Congrats Trigga!!!!

    1. He sure can no questions asked lol. Had an ex that looked just like Trey too bad he he was a flirt just like Trey.

  3. Both albums are good but Robin turned people off with the whole begging thing. No one was feeling it. Not even Paula. LOL.

  4. I’m in love with Trey’s album. I don’t consider myself a fan of his at all, but I think he has a solid one on his hands with this one.

    Robin. Meh. I actually am/was a fan of his…..but I’m skeptical about this one. I’m sure most if not all of his albums are “personal,” but I just don’t want to listen to 50+ minutes of begging/apologizing. I’ll probably give it one listen just off the strength that it’s him though…..

  5. Trey songz album so far is doing bad. Trey songz music career is over. most of his songs is about lauren london. All the extra stuff he did, didn’t work. showing his d-ck print.

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