Good News for Amber Rose

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose may have gotten her taste of fame thanks to her very public romance with Kanye West, but the rapper’s ex-girlfriend has managed to maintain her time in the spotlight just long enough to get her acting career in motion.

According to E! News, Amber just nailed a TV gig and has a new movie on the way too:

Amber Rose’s movie debut in the new comedy School Dance is only hitting theaters tomorrow, but she’s already lined up her next acting gig.

And it’s major!

Rose just told me that her character Fit Brit in the pilot for Selfie (an ABC sitcom about a woman who becomes a social media star after a video about her humiliating break up goes viral) will be a recurring role. “I’m so excited,” she said. “I start shooting in August.”



Congrats to Amber.


  1. I know Kanye and Kim are going to feel some type of way about this. They feel that their ex’s should just be pining away for them and doing nothing with their life typical narcissists. Congrats Amber!

    1. Amber ain’t thinking about no damn Kim. She actually has a man who isn’t mentally ill and she’s a lot happier without that nut Kanye.

    2. Im Sayin please don’t tell me you stan for Kim I don’t know if I can take you being a Kenya and Kim stan lol.

      1. I love Kim! Yes, I am the only Kim fan on here but I’m used to it. I think the first post I ever commented on I tried to take up for her and I got dragged by like ten people. lol!

  2. Her manager must be awesome because she’s doing pretty good. I won’t lie, I really thought she would fall off the face of the earth when she broke up with Ye. I’m glad I was wrong because I like her way more now than I did when she was with him.

  3. Amber is married to another bona fide celebrity whom she also has a child with. Just wondering when the public will stop referring to her as Kanye’s ex. That’s the same Kanye who, by the way, has also married, had a daughter and has long since moved on, too. I get that that’s how the public came to know Amber, but by now everyone knows that that’s long since passed. So, why keep attaching these two in print like they just broke up with each other last week? That’s got to be so insulting to both of their other spouses.

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