Kevin Durant Claps Back

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s pretty obvious there’s a whole lot of folks who view Twitter as the perfect medium to go after celebrities and get nasty in their mentions, but nowadays stars are fed up and clapping back with the best of them.

We can now add NBA star Kevin Durant to the list of celebrities you really shouldn’t try to come for on Twitter.

The other day someone tried to check him about his haircut and he clapped back and tweeted this in response (read tweets from top to bottom):

kevin durant twitter main


  1. That’s my boo with his fine a-s. Oh a little tea for y’all he has been creeping with Letoya Luckett on the low. I am not proud of cyber stalking lol but it is what it is. I would have preferred Monica over Letoya but whatever.

    1. LOL! He’s still messing with Toya? They dated before and then he broke up with her and got with Monica. I think Toya is just a rebound he likes to call up before he gets in real relationships. I remember they went to the movies a few months ago too and people were talking about it on Twitter. I don’t think his momma liked Toya so he won’t get too serious with her again. But they said his momma LOVED Monica and that’s why he proposed. Apparently his moms is hard to please when it comes to the women he dates.

      1. Yup I seen the picture of them trying to creep at the movies. Ugh I hope this isn’t serious I have never liked Letoya and definitely not for Kevin. I personally would feel some type of way that a man left me got engaged to another woman to then be comfortable enough to come back to me like nothing. That gives you a glimpse of what kinda of woman she is. Her bestie is Eudoxiee so I ain’t surprised lol.

    2. Monica seems like she’s such a good woman. I really wish it had worked out between them. Oh well.

  2. U knw I was super embarrassed that I had a very intimate dream about Kevin Durant mind u I hardly knw who he is cuz I don’t watch BBall games like that. But yeah he was tryna holla at me in my dream….and I let him after a while. I woke up feeling like I had cheated in my boyfriend LMAO

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