Vivica Fox & Kenya Moore Twitter Beef, Again

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you weeks ago that a beef was brewing between Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox because Kenya allegedly stole Vivica’s phone during filming for “Celebrity Apprentice.” And it appears their feud is only getting worse by the day.

In fact, Vivica was so disgusted to see Kenya at the BET Awards she actually tweeted the following:

vivica fox twitter

Kenya Moore threw some shade of her own not too long after Vivica took the first shot:

kenya moore twitter

She then posted the following to her Instagram account too:

kenya moore instagram


  1. Huh? How is Vivica not on her level when Viv has something Kenya never could get…a real acting career? Kenya is so delusional.

    1. This. Viv may not be getting as many roles as she used to but the movies and parts she’s had in REAL MOVIES makes Kenya’s little tweet beyond laughable. Kenya is a trip. I think her little stans have really blown her head up. She can’t even think rationally.

      1. Kenya sure know how to get under ya skins. That’s crazy how she have all these unwanted attentions.

      2. Not only that she keeps talking about Apollo wao she keeps saying she don’t care about him and we are in 2014 she is still rolling his name in her mouth.I’m not defending his actions at all but Kenya soon to be baby daddy has a criminal background so be calling somebody else criminal wishing they go to jail when she is dealing with the same thing.Please she ain’t got nothing on Queen Vivica now she needs to have several seats and put some lotion on her feet.

    2. She was on some tv shows in the 90s and early 2000s. She’s not a big actress like ms. Fox, but she had her moments on tv.

  2. Why is Kenya so arrogant about a beauty contest she won over 20 years ago? B-tch get over yourself. You have down nothing else in your life and you wish you could get speaking lines in more than half of the movies Vivica has been in. Sit your crazy a-s down.

  3. I wish these two washed up bishes would shut the hell up. Neither one of them are relevant or have real careers outside of reality television. They don’t have any reason to be arrogant. Especially not Kenya. What the f-ck has she done since Miss USA?

    1. She was on some tv shows. Also, she did some charity work. Any that’s rich people problem, both of these ladies are living great.

  4. Kenya wins one beauty contest many, many years ago and she has an inflated sense of self for the rest of her life while her resume continues to be short. Smh.

  5. I still don’t understand why Kenya is so full of herself. If she was all that like she claims to be she would have never needed to be on RHOA to begin with. But whatever.

  6. Doesn’t this b-tch get the irony of the words on that pic of Naomi? And she wishes she had anything even remotely resembling Vivica’ s career. Dumb a-s hoe!

  7. LOL why is Kenya using Naomi Campbell for her meme though?! She could never!!!

  8. I like Kenya and Auntie Viv! Too bad they couldn’t get along but both have strong personalities so I guess it’s not stocking that they can’t stand each other.

  9. I’m all for high self esteem and all but Kenya is very delusional with hers. Viv’s career sh-ts on anything Kenya has ever done. She’s a real actress who has been in real movies. Blockbuster movies. Kenya will never be able to say she’s done the same. Speaking one line in a film doesn’t count either.

  10. *sighs* I really want Kenya to be great but she needs to stop being so damn messy. Now why the hell did she need to steal Vivica’s phone? She’s just so childish and annoying that it’s hard for me to root for her at times.

  11. LMBO. Kenya is a delusional mess. Anyway, Happy 4th people! I’m getting my holiday started tonight! See y’all tomorrow!

  12. I had to give a *blank stare* to Kenya’s responses. Well I guess it’s easier to get through a mediocre career being delusional about it. #shrugs

  13. Three things:
    1) Kenya… Shut up!!!
    2) Both of them need to have a stadium of seats
    3) “I” before “E” except after “C” Vivica… THIEF

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