Karrueche and Chris Brown Break up, Again?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche and Chris Brown break up, again? Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran’s romance has always been very off and on, but many suspected they may have finally solidified things since Karrueche was so supportive during his latest stint in jail as a result of a probation violation.

Karrueche even threw Chris a huge welcome back party and she told the media in recent interviews that they were really in a “good place.”

However, Karrueche’s latest actions on Instagram has many believing they may one once again be on the outs.

Karrueche seemingly deleted every photo she had of Chris from her Instagram account and she then posted the following just hours ago:

karrueche instagram


  1. Oh please! Chris has been posting pictures of her a-s cheeks on IG all week and calling her all kinds of b-tches with not a care in the world and she was fine with it. They will be back together in no time because she has no standards and he knows it. I’m sure he’ll just text her and say “I’m sorry b-tch and I love you” and they will be on good terms again.

  2. These two are so predictable. Anyway, I guess Chris has officially went back to doing the things he did to her before he was in jail and she’s upset about it. But did she really think Chris would change because he spent three months in jail? I hope not.

  3. She just wants attention. Chris gives zero f-cks because he knows she will be back soon. Who does she think she’s fooling? Doormat.

    1. Chris will continue to dog her out at every turn, and she’ll always be there with her bowl saying “please sir, can I have some more?” Kae is a f-cking joke!

  4. Kae can’t be mad at anyone but herself. Chris has showed her more than once he will not be faithful and he doesn’t even respect her. She can front all she wants but she will be going back like always.

  5. I love Chris but I’m a realist he will not change anytime soon so either Karrueche either needs to accept him and stop complaining or move on. Karrueche seems like she has that mentality of holding a man down no matter what and think it’s going to get her a prize or ring but whats the point of getting the ring when he doesn’t value what the ring represents.

  6. Don’t they get tired of this? If you have to keep breaking up, that’s a sign it’s not meant to be. Time to move on.

  7. She had to catch him cheating because there’s no other reason a woman changes up that quick. She was just bragging about him at the BET Awards.

  8. But Karrueche can’t leave because she has no other way to win at life. No talent, no real business hustle, NOTHING. Once she remembers who pays her bills, she will be back to holding her hand out for gas money.

  9. He gets on Instagram and refers to her as a b-tch and cheats all the time. She should have ended things a long time ago. It’s obvious he has never respected her and never will.

  10. Of course they did. And they probably unfollower each on on Twitter and IG too. They do the same crap every single time they get back together. One day Kae is going to look back and regret that she wasted so many years on Chris. He will never be the dude she wants him to be. She cannot change him.

  11. Chris was just singing about his THOTs on IG. Kae needs to wake up and see him for what he really is. He’s never going to be faithful. Ever.

  12. That’s the thing with riding hard for someone who doesn’t ride for you, eventually they remind you that they aren’t willing to be as loyal as you are. If Karrueche was smart, she’d make sure this is it. But we know how this will play out. She’ll be back for more soon.

  13. It was bound to happen. Chris is still the same person he was before he went to jail. So they are dealing with the same problems as usual.

  14. So her exotic-ness isn’t keeping him loyal???? Lmao bishes swear cuz they are mixed or exotic-lookin wit long hair and dark skin that a dude gives a damn and will not venture for new cooch….FOH

  15. This is why you don’t do time with no man! He spit all kinds of game on lock, then get back in the street and act a plum fool. Plus, if he uses the B word as a term of endearment…..expect him treat you like the loyal girl puppy he thinks you are. Until she finds her real worth, she’s going to keep peddling herself as a penny stock like a fool.

  16. Chris needs to move on ! His personal life is overshadowing his talent and career . Karrueche must always prove a point by taking pics with her & chris , but later on ending whining about how everybody is so caught into their relationship . -.- .

  17. Poor Karrueche. But I know they will get back together soon. They are really acting like kides. Karrueche must have got mad coz Chris posted her thong butt on his IG page, maybe she realized it n broke up. Chrae not over YET!!

  18. I kinda feel bad for her but honestly im not surprised. She has never demanded respect from him and has allowed way too much. At this point chris feels like he can do anything and she will stay. He doesnt seem to have too much respect for her but like I said she doesnt demand respect. This the position she put her self in ironically she was just mad about being called a side chick. But she cant expect others to respect her if she doesnt respect herself. Hopefully she moves on and realizes she cant change him._

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