Lil Mo Comes for Prince

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“R&B Divas LA” star Lil Mo has made it clear she’s hoping to becoming the next Kim Kardashian, so she’s finding multiple ways to keep herself in the headlines and tied to controversy.

Now that she’s hoping she and her boyfriend Dynamite can secure their own reality show which will focus on their relationship and blended family, we guess it’s safe to say publicity is something the couple doesn’t mind.

The other day Lil Mo attended the Essence Music Festival, but she went off on her Instagram and Twitter accounts after she was not allowed to use the restroom allegedly due to resistance from Prince’s security team.

Prince was this year’s headline act.

In a few tweets, not only did she seemingly call Prince a b*tch but she also said she could beat him up on sight.

Blogger The Shade Room obtained the screenshots:

lil mo prince beef

Lil Mo has since deleted the tweets, but the Instagram post is still up.


  1. B-tch before you try to come for Prince you need to tell all of us what the f-ck you got on your head here. It looks like a damn animal crawled on top of her head and died.

    1. PLEASE tell me you do stand up, cuz your comments have me on the floor most times. You are hilarious!!!

  2. Wait, didn’t she just say she looks up to Kim Kardashian? So she praises a talentless tramp who “made it” by laying on her back but disrespects the person who actually worked hard for many years to become a legend in music? Yeah, I’ve lost all respect for Lil Mo.

  3. Not smart. Lil Mo lacks class and tact. I swear reality tv has made some people I enjoyed years ago hard to tolerate now.

  4. So Lil Mo has tried Prince and Stevie Wonder in the last year huh? She’s just burning bridges left and right. That comeback she wants to happen may never happen now because she keeps making herself look stupid.

  5. She’s stupid as hell. Now I can see how Ja Rule and them were able to go so many years without paying her.

  6. Does she not understand how security works? Their job is to make sure no one gets too close to Prince because people are crazy nowadays. She should have used the bathroom that was authorized for her to use. The real reason she’s mad is because she still thinks she’s a celeb and she tried to use the bathroom for celebs and she was politely reminded she’s not a celebrity anymore. Don’t be mad at Prince because he was able to have a long running career in music that has kept him relevant for many years and you had to do a reality show no one watches to get by. Talk about misdirected anger.

  7. It’s cool. Prince will die a legend and Lil Mo will still be the stupid R&B chick who never got one dime from the hits she sang the hooks on.

  8. It’s sad to see Lil Mo be such a bird when I can remember how great her voice was. Oh well. Wasted talent I guess.

  9. Say whatever you want about Prince but he will NEVER have to do a reality show to pay his bills. Just saying.

  10. Wasn’t Lil Mo the same person who said Keyshia Cole needs to get off Twitter shading people because it was ruining her career? :-/

  11. Ugh first of all I cant take anybody serious with a jacked lacefront, and a dusty a-s bf with with fuzzy cornrows…that being said, I’m almost certain NOLA police wouldn’t either. God forbid she spend her time doing something more productive, like I dont know…….. SING?! But that would be way to close to right for her, so I digress…

  12. I think it is the only way (SOME) of the reality show females can get attention. Always on social media is not a good look. What I don’t understand is they say all this stupid sh-t and then want to later go back on social media and say “that’s not what I meant to say”.

  13. It’s really time for us to stop watching “reality shows” in the first place. All we do is make stupid people rich. Let’s get back to real entertainment and creativity. Prince has been doing it for decades… And will continue doing it because he is an artist and is doing what artists do… Create!

    1. You are so right if we stop watching then they have no reason not to take them off the air. It’s not fair to the people who go to acting school and are real actors. Reality TV is making a lot of black females look real bad. All black women don’t drink and get drunk and fight and all black women aren’t loud and disrespectful.

      1. Reality shows encourage all of its stars ( female, male black, white and everything in between stars) tomsay and do dumb things to get the attention of the camera in hopes to get their own shows.

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