Prince Claps Back at Lil Mo?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Lil Mo made headlines for coming at the legendary Prince all because his security detail prevented her from using the bathroom,  at the Essence Music Festival and Prince’s fans have been destroying her ever since on Twitter and Instagram.

But it appears Prince may not need any help from his fans to put the reality star in her place.

He tweeted the following:

prince shades lil mo


Interestingly enough, we’re still not sure this was even shade for Lil Mo because Prince actually had a contest asking fans to caption the photo and he simply posted the best response.

Either way Lil Mo thought it was shade for her, and she has since deleted all tweets and Instagram posts regarding Prince.


  1. Lil Monday wishes Prince would stop and shade her! That sh-t would make her day. What she doesn’t realize is that Prince is busy out there being his legendary self, while she idolizes Kimye and trains in “Media Whoring: 101”!

  2. Lil Mo really needs to grow up. I’m sure she wasn’t the only one who had issues with the security but she just wanted to get all the attention she could off of Prince’s name. But I doubt he even knows who she is to be honest. She hasn’t contributed as much to music as Prince has.

    1. Oh it’s no doubt in my mind this was all about getting attention so she can get her reality show with her boyfriend picked up.

  3. This was a publicity stunt that backfired big time for Lil Mo because she didn’t know how Prince’s fans get down. They got her together real good on Twitter and she couldn’t take it.

    1. Baby they don got rid of her edges! Lil Mo deleted all that IG shade and tweets quick, fast and in a hurry. LMAOOO!

  4. Oh please Prince barely tweets. He probably still has no idea Lil Mo tried to shade him. No matter, he will still wake up as a legend tomorrow and she’ll still be a certified flop who didn’t get a check from Murder Inc. She needs to get her priorities in order.

  5. I doubt it’s shade because he doesn’t know who Lil Mo is. I mean how can he? She had a few hits with Ja Rule and faded into obscurity right after she got hit in the head with a bottle at the club.

  6. I bet Lil Mo was happy when she read that tweet because she thought he actually knew who she is. No ma’am, he’s not even thinking about you. Just stay on path to become a black Kim K and leave those who actually made real careers out of talent alone.

  7. Lil Mo is really doing all she can to make sure she will never have another shot at a decent music career again.

  8. I never heard of Lil Mo until I started reading UB. But I have heard of Prince and his music is loved by many generations. I think Lil Mo is just jealous she could never have that kind of impact in music so she can’t stand how adored he is.

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