Apollo Nida Explains Phaedra Parks’ Absence at Sentencing + Kenya Moore Addresses Sentencing

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA star Apollo Nida’s fate as a result of bank fraud and identity theft charges has been an ongoing topic for the last few months, and the reality star hoped he would be able to get as little time as possible for his most recent criminal activity. However, Apollo was sentenced to eight years yesterday and some are wondering why his wife Phaedra Parks wasn’t in attendance.

When asked by local reporters in Atlanta about why Phaedra was a no-show to the hearing, Apollo tells 11 Alive News:

“I don’t know. We have other issues. She had to go ahead and take care of our children.”

Interestingly enough, just a few days ago Phaedra was photographed partying it up at the beach with Kandi Burruss and several others.



In related news, Kenya Moore couldn’t keep quiet when Apollo’s fate was confirmed and she tweeted the following (read tweets from bottom to top):

kenya moore twitter main



Kenya also told a fan she had no plans to “torture” Phaedra next season about Apollo’s situation and said that would just be “silly” for her to do.


  1. Apollo sounds like he’s in denial about his marriage. It looks like Phaedra has dipped out and she will be filing for divorce very soon. And no words for Kenya except she’s lying because we all know she can’t wait to throw all of this in Phaedra’s face next season. I bet she’s salivating over the thought even though she’s a thief herself. Stealing cell phones…LOL.

      1. Nope. Stealing is defined as taking someone’s possession(s) without permission. It doesn’t matter if it’s returned or not. It was stolen. You tried though.

  2. “You don’t have to lie, cheat or steal to be relevant at the expense of others.” Oh really…Is that not what Kenya has done since her first season of RHOA and even Celebrity Apprentice?

    Let’s see she faked her relationship with Walter to get on RHOA. (lie)
    Did she not purposely get in between NeNe and Marlo’s friendship just to get under NeNe’s skin? (cheat)
    And let’s not forget she actually stole Viv’s phone (steal)

    This woman is a hypocrite. But whatever.

    1. This! The thing I don’t like about Kenya is that she always acts like she’s such a do-gooder when she’s just as low down as everyone else on the show. It’s getting old because we can always just watch past episodes and see she’s one of the grossest people on RHOA.

    2. Oh please. Apollo stole 2.5 million dollars. Who knows if kenya was lying about walter. Who cares. Kenya took ms. Fox phone without her permission, and she’s wrong for that, but she didn’t steal it. You guys cannot call kenya a criminal, apollo is nothing to play around with. He deserve his 8 years in prison…….

      1. Sorry, Kenya is a thief and so is Apollo. No one should take anything from anyone without permission. And honestly, no one on that show is a saint. All of them have issues and none of them are good people. But I’m sleep tho…

  3. Apollo is a damn liar trying to save face. Using the kids to explain your wife’s disinterest is messed up.

    And Kenya needs to sit her lumpy a-s down somewhere. B-tch wouldn’t know “kindness” if it slapped her in her nasty a-s face. You know she’s been following this like Barbara Walters, ready to throw it in Phaedra’s face next season. I hope the reads from Ms. Phaedra then are as epic as the one at the reunion.

    1. Phaedra should of gave apollo an epic read. Phaedra try to make kenya look bad, now all eyes on her. You never win when you play dirty.

  4. I never thought I would agree with Kenya but she is absolutely correct the real losers are the children. I just feel for them children just sad.

    1. I do feel sorry for the children. There are millions of single mothers in this earth. Phaedra will be ok. She has money and a great family.

  5. If I’m not mistaken, Kenya was definitely singing a different tune a couple of months ago on Twitter. In fact she said Apollo going to jail was karma for their beef as if God is her personal genie in a bottle who defends her from everyone else as if she isn’t just as nasty as the people she’s calling out. But because people dragged her for that tweet and reminded her the real victims are the kids, she changed up her tune to pretend she’s some sort of bigger person when we all know she isn’t. Expect her to taunt Phaedra for this next season.

    1. Her comment seems disingenuous. Not too long ago she was celebrating his downfall as karma for the foolishness between she and Apollo.

    2. Now hon you know Kenya is full of it but I know being Team Twirl prohibits you from speaking the truth.

    3. Agreed. Kenya didn’t say nothing about bad about apollo. He put himself in this mess. He made his own bed, she didn’t have nothing to do with it.

    1. Honestly I personally think Phaedra settled for Apollo. As long as I’ve watched Phaedra and Apollo they have no chemistry at all to me. It always seemed that Phaedra was trying to mold Apollo into the man she wanted and it just didn’t work.

  6. Well Apollo really did get his karma but I wonder why Kenya thinks her karma isn’t on the way too? She’s been very hateful, nasty and mean on RHOA and she hurt her legacy by even doing the show. And her own arrogance is keeping her from seeing the truth. Sad.

  7. Everyone on RHOA has some karma coming their way Kenya girl so don’t get too preachy. You’re probably next!

  8. Apollo got what he deserved it’s just unfortunate his kids will suffer the most tho. But Kenya can have a stadium of seats. She’s lied, cheated, and stolen on two different reality shows. She’s not exactly a moral person herself.

  9. LOL oh please. Kenya will most definitely be throwing all of this in Phaedra’s face next season. But Phaedra can handle it. She’s a a tough cookie who refuses to let anyone see her sweat. She will fake it till she makes it always.

  10. *sighs* Whatever Kenya. Anyway, Apollo knows his marriage is over. He just doesn’t want to admit it.

  11. There’s no way Kenya won’t be clowning Phaedra about this next season so I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling.

    1. You would think she’d know by now to swerve around Phaedra and keep it moving. But I guess Kenya needs to learn the hard way, so get ready for more epic reads, and for Kenya to get some serious splinters from all the dragging she’ll be getting.

  12. Rich people problems. I do feel sorry for phaedra. Her perfect life was all a lie. She such a phony, but she is still human, and she does have feelings. I hope she can block this social media nonsense.

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