Jennifer Hudson Responds to ‘Hurtful’ Illuminati Accusations

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ever since Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were all brutally murdered by her sister’s ex-boyfriend, the singer/actress has been tied to Illuminati conspiracy theories. Apparently some folks actually believe she had her family members murdered in exchange for success. And J-Hud is annoyed that anyone would actually believe something so disturbing.

When asked how she feels about folks believing she actually took a hit out on her family to become successful in Hollywood, Jennifer tells Magic 102.3:

“I think people find a way to discredit people in everything you do. Nothing is ever what it really is. And at the end of the day, we all work hard for what we get and what we do just like anyone else. And it’s unfair that some people would be that cruel to impose such negativity on things that is done from a positive place and perspective. And it’s very hurtful and extremely upsetting. Especially coming from a Christian standpoint.

“Every time I hear stuff like that, I’m like ‘You will not take the credit for God’s work and give it to Satan. Not on my watch. Not on my watch.’ So again, it’s extremely upsetting. There’s so much to be said about that, but you don’t have the time, and neither do I.”


  1. People will always believe what they want when they are miserable pieces of sh-t. She didn’t need to address this.

  2. I always shudder when I read someone accusing her of killing her family. But a lot of people are mentally ill because they allow this Illuminati stuff to make them hate people they don’t even know off RUMORS. It’s absolutely insane to me. You can not like someone, cool. But these Illuminati people take their dislike way too far and it becomes senseless hate.

  3. What is wrong with people. Everybody that is successful didn’t sell their soul to the devil.

    1. The idiots need to believe all successful people had to sell their souls so they can feel better about being lazy as hell. They don’t want to do the work to have success, so they try to tear down those who don’t mind doing the work.

  4. I used to believe in the Illuminati stuff. I used to watched all the videos on YouTube and I was so consumed by it. And eventually I became really angry and started to literally hate everyone. It was the darkest point of my life because I realized all those videos and theories were making me hate everyone and everything. I mean I woke up angry and went to bed angry every day. I had to stop watching the videos and I had to really get my mind right. I think the biggest irony is that the Illuminati believers let their theories turn them into the one thing they are supposed to be fighting against…devils. They are more evil than the people they are speaking out against now.

    1. Well at least you caught yourself. Most haven’t and they are still walking around here like they are smarter than everyone else when they got their “knowledge” from YouTube.

  5. It’s sad some people actually believe she would do this. But they think they are soooo enlightened but they are really wrong and hateful. Karma will find them too for preaching so much hate to the world.

  6. Damn people are so stupid. They don’t understand that the real people with all the power are not entertainers. No, the real people in power rule over industries that really matter. Man let me not even teach today. Smh.

  7. I do believe there is corrupted people in power, but I think the main people preaching this Illuminati stuff are just people who need an excuse for not having any drive or goals in life. By believing only a select few will have success because of Satan, they really do make it seem like God is limited and believers can’t be blessed and successful. I can’t get with that so I don’t even entertain the Illuminati conversation.

  8. Too many wannabes have ruined the movement. In the beginning we had people who were intelligent and did their research. Facts were given and people were really into educating the masses. Now all these uninformed dumb a-ses have hijacked and make it into anyone who is successful has to be in the Illuminati. And the worst part is they use the Illuminati argument just to tear down people they didn’t like in the first place. Don’t like a certain celeb? Cool, just accuse them of being in the Illuminati/devil worshiper and then you bash them even more. It’s a shame because they have ruined the message.

  9. It’s not up to me to obsess over a stranger’s faith or lack of faith. I don’t know these people past what they do for a living so I have no interest in the Illuminati stuff. I can never get into literally hating people because a YouTube video said so.

  10. I have never heard people say this about her. This is just…evil. How are you supposed to be preaching against evil and you’re out here making up lies like this about someone you don’t even know personally?

  11. I can’t even imagine going through all the pain of losing my family members and then reading a whole bunch of comments saying I did it. People are sick. The internet has really shown me that a lot of people suffer from mental illness and they don’t even know it. They think they are normal. :-/

  12. I have to say I really agree with J-Hud. People don’t even understand how much they downplay God when they give credit to the devil for success.

  13. People need to stop. That girl did not plot to have her family killed for her career. I mean what has she even had since winning the Oscar anyway? Weight Watchers commercials?

    1. 2 albums, 1 on the way, several movies (Secret Life of Bees, Mister & Pete, Black Nativity, etc). She’s had success since her Oscar win, but I agree, people should stop saying she’s a part of the illuminati just because she didn’t crawl into a hole and die bc of what happened to her family.

      1. The Secret Life of Bees came out in 2008. Mister & Pete flopped, Black Nativity flopped. And her albums do not perform well either. She hasn’t had “success” since the Oscar. Her career is very mediocre now, just like Halle’s. That why they say winning an Oscar as a black woman is bad luck. I don’t automatically label staying relevant through flop projects as success. But we can agree to disagree.

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