Draya Checks Orlando Scandrick for Flirting on Instagram?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya and her boo Orlando Scandrick have been hit with breakup rumors thanks to the gossip blogs and social media speculation, and the reality star has taken to Instagram and Twitter to deny their romance is over.

Interestingly enough, it was rumored the couple was on the outs because Orlando had allegedly been caught cheating, so it probably wasn’t smart for him to seemingly flirt with another woman on Instagram recently or at least make Draya think he was being flirty.

The other day Orlando posted a cutesy photo of his adorable daughters and when one female follower said she wanted to play with them, Orlando’s response pissed Draya off (screenshots obtained by Rucuss):

orlando instagram

orlando instagram 2

orlando instagram 2

orlando instagram 4


Orlando eventually responded to Draya and told her the young woman is just a friend from college, but he deleted the photo.


  1. Insecure much? Smh sooo basically you don’t have anything better to do than stalk ur man’s IG all day long? Get some business…

  2. Smh. Draya doesn’t trust him because she knows he can’t be trusted. But she will try to hold on to this relationship anyway because she feels validated by it. Very sad.

  3. His response wasn’t even scandalous! I know plenty of parents who jokingly say the same thing all the time because kids can be a handful no matter how cute they are. Draya needs to really get it together. She’s very insecure and it shows.

  4. If you feel like you have to constantly check your man’s IG account/comments, then why be in a relationship with that person?

  5. Draya is just haunted by her past so she will never trust Orlando. She knows better than anyone else how trifling women can be because she used to be the same way herself.

  6. Oh Draya, as soon as you start peeping your man’s IG and Twitter you might as well start calling the movers. Y’all don’t have trust, and without it this “relationship” is pretty much over. The stick a fork in it, it’s done, kind of over!

  7. Chile Draya is making herself look so stupid. I can’t see anything wrong with what he said. Draya might as well move on because it’s clear she doesn’t trust him at all.

    1. She can’t move on because then everyone on Twitter would drag her for it. She was the one who was bragging about how great he is and how he wouldn’t cheat since the last season of BBWLA. She’s not trying to get embarrassed.

  8. I’m not on Instagram but I would imagine any woman who feels like they have to stalk their S/O’s page isn’t happy in that relationship. You have to be with someone you feel like you can trust because checking after them all the time gets exhausting real fast.

  9. Wow she came in fast as hell. She has to be watching his account every second of the day to have responded so quickly.

  10. So Draya took some time from selling her knockoff swimsuits to monitor her man’s IG account. How pathetic.

  11. Most men don’t like insecure women. I wouldn’t blame Orlando if he ever break things off with her if she is that insecure to check a woman out who wasn’t even flirting with her boyfriend.

  12. I don’t get women that do this. If I have to keep checking up behind you to make sure he doesn’t cheat, I can’t be with you. I have to be with a grown man who can control his p-nis and has enough strength to turn down women on his own. I don’t have time to babysit a grown man.

  13. I cosign every comment!!! Draya is an insecure chick who has played the side chick role so she knows what’s up and doesn’t want to leave Orlando because she feels like with him she is finally seen as a respectable woman. Silly rabbit she will always been seen as a stripper ho who neglected her child and made a come up.

  14. I honestly if I suspect my man cheating and I have proof then that’s the end for me.. The way I found him I’ll find another. I don’t have time to be playing Instagram detective or checking women for flirting with my man. I have got bills to pay and my time and energy can be spent somewhere productive. Draya is a typical example of a side chick turned main chick. Insecure as hell.

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