Fabolous Caught Cheating on Emily B, Again?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fabolous still cheating on Emily? Emily B signed up for the first two seasons of “Love and Hip Hop New York” because she hoped the exposure would force her baby’s father Fabolous to stop his cheating ways and start claiming her publicly, and months ago it was speculated the couple may have gotten engaged. However, there’s a possibility the rapper may have been busted once again for straying with a woman he was caught flirting with on Instagram and later backstage at a show.

The Shade Room reports:

Fabolous was spotted AGAIN in the club with Ms. Alysso by his side (she has since created a new page) and her clothing tells EVERYTHING. She posted a picture on her Instagram wearing the same outfit that she was spotted in chillin’ with fabulous in the club. Chile, if Emily ain’t trippin’ then neither are we….but it’s our job to spill THE TEA.

fab side chick

fab side chick 2


  1. Fab doesn’t care. Emily has no respect for herself and he knows it. All he has to do is post another picture of her to IG or take her to some red carpet event and she’ll forgive him again. All she cares about is being claimed.

  2. Emily been stupid that will not change. When you have to get on a reality tv show to get a man to try to claim and be faithful to you I’m going to go out on a limb and say the relationship is doomed. I guarantee Fab will leave her before she leaves him that’s how weak of a woman she is. 10 years and barely getting claimed still getting cheated on and no commitment.

  3. I accepted after the first season of LHHNY that Emily would never get it. She has no self esteem and she really should have left him alone a long time ago. She sticks around because she likes the attention that comes with being with him. Basically she wants to be seen. He just took her to the BET Awards and she probably feels like him taking her places makes the disrespect well worth it. So she won’t leave him alone even though he treats her like trash.

  4. Lmao. Emily’s weak a-s is probably ok with this because Fab took her to the BET Awards. That was the highlight of their whole relationship. Emily “”Please claim me!” B will never learn.

    1. So you would be ok with your man hanging out with the same chick he flirted with on Instagram? Ok. Cool.

  5. I don’t know if he cheated but it looks terrible that he was with the same girl he got called out for flirting with on the blogs recently. Why is she still around? Looks really suspect.

  6. Fab’s track record is so damn bad that I can’t put it past him. But he shouldn’t be around any female he got caught trying to holla at on IG. But Emily is the kid of delusional chick who won’t see a problem with it. She doesn’t see a red flag until sh-t’s completely on fire. I remember that time he actually posted another woman’s a-s to his IG and she still didn’t leave him. She just said it wasn’t hers and she was with him the next day like it was all G. She’s too simple minded for me but she’s not unique. A lot of women are naive and stupid like her. They will see their man with other women, flirting on IG and say it’s still not proof. They don’t believe it until they actually catch him in the bed naked with someone. LMAO.

  7. He’s actually been messing with this girl for a while now. Pay attention to his pictures from performances and other club outings. She’s been a jump off. I’m surprised it took the blogs this long to catch it.

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