Chris Brown and Drake Make it Official

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Drake made headlines a couple of years ago after they got into a physical altercation at a nightclub over their ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but eventually it was reported that the two superstars had squashed their beef in a private meeting headed by Chris Brown’s manager.

Rumors also suggested Chris and Drake discussed possibly getting together in the studio soon and it appears both artists may have made that happen last night.

According to the latest Instagram frenzy, Chris and Drake hit the studio sometime last night and they are reportedly in the process of recording some music together.

The following photo has been going viral for the last few hours on Instagram and Twitter:

drake and chris in the studio main


  1. Good that the feud is over. Both Chris and Drake been putting out great music lately so I’m expecting them to create a hit song anything less would be a disappointment.

    1. For what? If they did it wouldn’t end up well for them. It would make both of them look real corny and bitter.

  2. Lord, I thought you were going to tell me they’d hooked up romantically or something! Lol!

    I don’t like either one, especially Chris, but they’re both good at what they do, which’ll translate into good music, I guess!

    1. Lmao I thought I was going to read they were skittle lovers too. But I am glad they are not and have squashed the beef. I like them both music wise. I think they are very talented so it’s #teamgetmoney now

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