Karrueche Tran Gets Emotional

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran gained notoriety quickly for her on and off romance with Chris Brown, but she’s mostly known in the media for the love triangle which resulted in Chris breaking up with her publicly to be with Rihanna.

In the end Rihanna and Chris’ reunion was short-lived, and Chris has been steadily on and off with Karrueche ever since.

Karrueche recently opened up about her and Chris’ past drama and how difficult it’s been for her to become a favorite target of Rihanna’s fans.

She made an appearance on Keke Palmer’s new show “Just Keke” which will air in full on Wednesday on BET. In a clip from the upcoming episode, Karrueche talks the difficulties of being with Chris:

“I’ve never dated a celebrity before so it was very new to me. Paparazzi and all that. And even the situation with Rihanna…the reason people tuned in to this so much is because it’s relatable. I have girlfriends, I have family who who’s gone through the same situation. It’s the case of the ex. We all go through it, but in this case my boyfriend’s…who’s a celebrity…ex girlfriend is even bigger.

“So not only am I fighting a battle with her, I’m fighting a battle with her 14 million fans and whoever else. So imagine how that feels for me when I gotta get on Twitter and see a whole bunch of stuff.

“They make up all kinds of crazy stuff and they know nothing about me. But because they know nothing about me and I stay mute sometimes that leaves open space for them to say whatever they want.”

When Keke asked Karrueche what was the hardest part of it all, Karrueche’s eyes water up and she answers:

“I guess I would say the heartbreak because it was a real situation.

“It was a real life situation.”

Check out the clip below:


  1. This again? I’m convinced Karrueche thinks she will eat and live off RIhanna’s name for the rest of her pathetic life. She needs to get out of here with these fake tears.

    1. Well she’s wrong. As soon as Chris finally tires of her, the best she will be able to do is some ratchet reality show because she has no talent. She even sucked asking questions on the red carpet.

    1. Rihanna is not going to respond because unlike like Kae, she actually moved on with her life. That’s what women do when they have great careers and make their own money. They don’t have to hold on to past relationships and ex boyfriends.

  2. Why is she still so upset about the whole love triangle thing when she “won?” I mean she got Chris (even though I don’t think he’s a prize TBH). This just seems…phony.

    1. Thats what it looks like. BET basically has a very tight relationship with Chris and Karrueche is benefiting from it.

  3. So I see now. BET gave her that BET Awards red carpet gig in exchange for a Chris Brown performance and an interview on Keke’s struggle show. Very smart move BET.

    1. Who was the idiot at BET that felt the world was dying to hear what Keke Palmer had to say? Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good actress, but the next Queen Latifah she is not. She speaks like she’s talking to her girlfriends on the phone…and that’s not a good thing.

  4. But Rihanna’s fans are out of control. If Rihanna had any class, she would at least get on Twitter and tell the Navy to leave this girl alone. It only takes a few seconds to do.

    1. Are you serious? I mean because I can’t tell if you’re really that ignorant or just trolling.

    2. Not a stan but I think this is dumb logic. It falls into the celebrities should be role models argument. It’s not any celeb’s job to make fans better people. That is a parent’s job. If you raise your kids right they won’t be online bullying anyone. Let’s be clear.

      1. Amen it’s not up to the world to raise your children be a parent and a role model to them. So There not trying to jack me in the future lol!

    3. Why should Rihanna say anything? Please, if Kae is really about that life, she needs to either grow her own backbone, or tuck her tail between her legs and keep it moving. Rihanna owes her nada!

    4. Oh please. She is not an anger. She’s the same person who mocked Rihanna on Twitter several times! She gets dragged because she is messy!

  5. Now I do like Karrueche but I find this interview to be very forced. Rihanna has not been thinking about Chris since their last split. Why bring her up now besides attention purposes?

    1. She will keep talking about it as long as it gets her interviews and attention. She’s not fooling me.

  6. Rihanna’s fans are never going to let up because the truth is they still feel like Rih lost in the whole love triangle thing even though Rihanna smartened up and withdrew her efforts because she finally realized Chris ain’t sh-t. This is why her fans need to stop the madness. Rihanna doesn’t even want Chris anymore.

  7. Ugh! Really Kae? Those crocodile tears don’t mean squat! That man treats you like Kleenex, and you still keep going back. Here’s a thought, get a life, stay off social media, and keep Rihanna’s name out ya mouth!

  8. Rihanna is not her problem, Chris is. He still treats her like trash but she sticks around because he’s famous and she likes being with a celebrity. I wish she would at least own the fact that she’s an opportunist.

  9. Say what you want about Kae but she could have cracked under the scrutiny. She endured a lot when she first got with Chris. She went through hell getting dragged all the damn time. All that negativity can take a toll on a person I may call Kae stupid for dealing with Chris but I’m glad she didn’t let all the negativity break her.

  10. This will only makes the navy go after her more. When people know they have enough power to hurt you, they will keep doing it.

  11. Awww I feel sorry for her,that prolly sucks that your man just publicly shades you all the time 🙁 I don’t like Rihanna a-s anyways ugh.

  12. Ok but how many times does she need to do interviews about this? Rihanna is long gone and Karueche is still having problems with Chris. Just saying.

  13. It is time out for the Rihanna Q&A… but the Navy doesn’t let up in her comments and mentions. So I guess as long as she is with CB they will keep dragging this poor girl. People need to stop acting like no one has ever been stupid in love before. IJS

  14. Rhianna is not long gone. Rhianna loves Chris and Chris loves Rhianna…however is very unhealthy when they link up. Kae came at a point in his life when everyone was against him and has stuck around. she is not thirsty but its definitely a triangle…Rhianna will take him back with open arms HOWEVER Chris is the one who has really moved on with Kae!

  15. (if this is too long i’m sorry i dealt with a similar situation and so i can relate on rihanna and karrueche’s level and i’m caught in my feelings a bit lol)

    It’s two years after everything went down and she’s STILL talking about it. Not only that but she’s mentioning Rihanna by name (notice that Keke didn’t say Rihanna, Karrueche said her name) and all that’s doing is making her look petty. Say what you will about Rihanna, but she has truly moved on from the entire situation. She realized what a toxic relationship she had with Chris and let it go. She’s partying and recording music and shopping and doing all the things a woman with her success and riches should be doing.

    I like Karrueche well enough but I take issue with her laying the blame solely on Rihanna and the Navy. Because at the end of the day, she allowed Chris Brown to treat her like the gum at the bottom of his shoes and SHE still went back to him. And yes, Rihanna did too but she wised up and moved on from that situation while Karrueche is still there. Karrueche is not and should not be fighting a battle with Rihanna and the Navy. The battle she should be worrying about is HER MAN who continually treats her like trash and who set the standard for how she was treated by not defending her and publicly embarrassing her the way he did. Instead of taking issue with Rihanna two years after the fact, Karrueche needs to let her issues with her go and start with handling her situation at home.

    I just don’t like seeing women attack other women over ain’t s**t men and, to be honest, the entire situation left a bad taste in my mouth because neither woman was innocent and they took their fair share of shots at each other over a man that continually dogged them out and embarrassed them. And not once in that whole time did the both of them give Chris the dragging he really deserved. I take issue with all of them (Chris the most) but at some point, personal responsibility has to come into play and something needs to click with Karrueche that he’s really not worth it.

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