Is Rick Ross’ MMG in Trouble?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A week ago Meek Mill shook up social media when he actually called out his label mate Wale on Twitter for not promoting his upcoming album.

Interestingly enough, sources are now claiming that Rick Ross’ music label is in lots of trouble because of some internal feuding taking place behind the scenes.

Illseed of All Hip Hop writes:

This is what I am hearing…that the ranks of one of the strongest crews are at odds like A.M.F.! This all seemingly started with Meek Mill popping off at Wale for allegedly not supporting him. I don’t know to what extent this purported beefing has carried on, but my sources say its pretty deep. Furthermore, there seems to be some frustration that the crew hasn’t experienced some of the meteoric highs that other groups have even though they are one of the strongest collectives out right now.


  1. He didn’t sign the right kind of artists to have that whole group takeover effect. Someone on the roster has to be a superstar and right now no one is.

    1. I agree. Young Money has Drake and Nicki, Bad Boy had Biggie, and Ruff Ryders had DMX/Eve. Nobody on that roster can pull in big numbers, not even Rick Ross.

    2. I have to agree with this. Every group needs a star to get on top. Rick Ross is well known but he’s not really a star and neither is anyone on his label.

  2. I’m sure they are just fighting over petty stuff. I can’t take any grown man seriously who hops on Twitter to handle a fallout. Meek is wack.

  3. This is believable. I’m sure the Twitter thing shook things up but if anything the biggest issue is Rick Ross has no control over his team. They don’t even respect him enough to keep their beefs private.

  4. This makes me happy if it’s true. I don’t wish bad on anyone’s progress, but I do not think Wale should have ever signed with MMG to begin with. He let his hunger for success on a larger scale overpower his patience. It’s the whole quality vs. quantity deabte. He’ll argue to the death that his music hasn’t changed and blah blah blah…and he has a point to an extent with certain tracks. I say all that to say, lyrically, he has the potential to be a “big name…” emotional/spaztastic aspects of his personality included. He’s just got to get the right fit label wise. So, this group disbanding wouldn’t be such a bad thing in my book. I could care less about what happens to Meek career wise. I only like him on features anyway…

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