Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Shade LeBron James?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

LeBron James shocked a lot of Miami Heat fans when he announced he would be returning to Cleveland to start another phase in his NBA career, and while some of the Miami fans have been gracious about King James’ decision, others have been dragging him.

Despite that, LeBron James says he feels he made the right decision to go back home but Dwyane Wade has opted to remain in Miami regardless of LeBron’s exit, and Chris Bosh is staying too.

Interestingly enough, some folks seem to think D Wade and his fiancée Gabrielle Union may be throwing some shade in their latest Instagram posts considering Miami Heat fans are calling LeBron disloyal and unwilling to sacrifice:

d wade instagram

gabrielle union instagram

We’re not sure we can detect any shade. How about you?


  1. I don’t like the fact that Gabby put sacrifice in a hashtag. LeBron came to Miami and gave them two championships. He worked really hard and gave them his best on the court. If he wants to go back to Cleveland, he’s allowed to. Smh.

    1. Yeah I didn’t like that either. What the hell does she mean sacrifice? LeBron sacrificed plenty just to come to Miami and win the championships he did! Hell Cleveland hated him for it. She needs to shut the hell up and just go back to being thankful she finally got D Wade to put a ring on it.

    2. Oh that #sacrifice in the caption you mean? Oh she’s just talking about herself. She’s reminding people she had to sacrifice her self esteem and common sense just to get D Wade to marry her.

    3. I didn’t like that either. And his whole home is where the heart is crap was shady too. LeBron has a right to go back home. Damn.

  2. I can’t stand Dwyane and Gabrielle but I don’t think they were throwing shade. He has no choice but to stay in Miami with those gingerbread man knees of his nobody was going to offer him any real money.

  3. LeBron caused D Wade to lose money though so if he did want to throw some damn shade I don’t blame him. LOL!

  4. So what is Gabby going to do when D Wade retires? I know she loves bragging about having a NBA player for her man. She’s going to miss all the attention and sitting in good seats while fake cheesing with Adrienne Bosh all day long. And that’s why I think Savannah wanted to go back home. She didn’t fit in with all that fakeness in Miami.

    1. I thought I was the only one who felt like Savannah was miserable in Miami. She never looked happy to be around Gabby and Adrienne or any of the other wags. To me she just didn’t fit in with them. She’s a real woman with substance and those two are just vain and boring. I’m glad LeBron is taking his family out of Miami.

      1. No you’re not alone. A lot of people could see Savannah wasn’t happy there. When she was in Cleveland she was very active and was always doing work with organization and attending events and stuff. She barely came to the Heat stuff though because she couldn’t stand the wags.

    2. Savannah hated the whole Miami scene. I knew she would convince LeBron to get out of there after they said she was pregnant with a girl. She didn’t want to raise a daughter around those superficial wags. I don’t blame her either.

  5. It’s shade. F-ck the Heat and their wack a-s fans. They keep trying to call LeBron disloyal and sh-t but 95% of them just became fans when he came to the team.

  6. Doesn’t really matter if it’s shade or not. LeBron is still the best player in the league and he got what he wanted from Miami…two championships. Now he will go home and get one for his hometown. D Wade needs to worry about those knees of his. He’s talking real tough on IG but I don’t even know if he has two more seasons left in him.

  7. They should’ve shaded the hell out of that picture with something……a pen, pencil, crayon……sheesh

  8. Dwayne and Gabriel are too ignorant to figure how to throw shade, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one. What they both need to do though is figure out when “break baby’s” Mama is going to jump on social media to drag their a-ses

  9. I do think D Wade is salty because ESPN and all of them are saying he lost some money because he really thought LeBron would return and LeBron didn’t tell him until like a few hours before he told the media. I’m sure they are still friends but less money would make me salty too. Chris Bosh isn’t tripping though because now he’s getting way more than he was last season. D Wade is the loser in all of this because he got less money, bad knees and no LeBron.

  10. I don’t think it’s shade but I think LeBron made the right decision for him and his family. It honestly made me like him more.

  11. I think it’s shade. They are acting like D Wade is all honorable and ish for staying throwing out terms like #loyalty #sacrifice and all that and to me it’s unnecessary. The man was there for what four years and gave you two championships. Shut up and be thankful.

  12. And I hope LeBron does get Cleveland a championship because then his haters will really lose their minds.

  13. Well Gabby is always throwing shade so I can see why people thought she was trying to be slick but I don’t see anything wrong with what they said. I do think LeBron made the right choice in leaving Miami tho!

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