Phaedra Parks is Over It

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Phaedra to divorce Apollo? Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison for bank fraud and identity theft, but more people were talking about Phaedra Park’s very noticeable absence at his sentencing. When Apollo was asked why his wife did not show up to court to support him, he claimed it’s because she had to “watch the kids.”

Plenty of folks weren’t buying Apollo’s excuse because just a few days before his sentencing, Phaedra went on a beach trip with Kandi Burruss and several of their friends.

And now those close to Phaedra are allegedly claiming she’s just about ready to file for divorce.

The Daily Mail via In Touch Weekly reports:

According to In Touch Weekly, the 41-year-old Real Housewives Of Atlanta star “wants to leave him” after he was convicted of federal bank fraud and identity theft and sentenced to almost a decade in the slammer on July 8.

“If they never started a family, she would have filed for divorce long ago,” the publication reports an insider as saying. “But this is going to push Phaedra to act quickly.”

No word yet from Phaedra’s camp regarding the new report, so we’re labeling it as gossip for now.


      1. Karma for always throwing her marriage in Kenya’s face. I can’t stand married women who throw their marriage in the faces of single women like having a ring makes them better.

        1. Kenya was making a play for her husband, you damn right it needed to be thrown in her damn face. She’s lucky that a fist didn’t follow.

          1. Come On!!! Kenya did all she could to get his attention…& she’s still has his name coming out of her mouth…SHE CLEARLY IS HOT IN THE A-S FOR HIM…& DOES NEED TO RESPECT MARRIAGE….

          2. Oh please. Kenya don’t want apollo. Who is apollo again? A criminal that used phaedra.

        2. Kenya was trying to sleep with her husband she had every right to come for Kenya’s fake a-s. If karma is coming and has come for anyone it is Kenya. And save it nobody is jealous of Kenya what women you know wants to be known as a fake whore?

          1. No karma is coming to kenya. Getting drag was the best thing that happened to her. She’s starting a hair product line, and she got a lot of fame from housewives of Atlanta……. apollo was giving her play too. It take 2 to tangle. Phaedra can keep her criminal husband.

        3. Come on y’all I know y’all don’t really believe Kenya wanted Apollo. Kenya prefers educated men with money. She was trolling Phaedra and Apollo for a storyline and they fell for it.

          1. Well how come she was texting him off camera? You say she only likes men with an education and money well Walter didn’t have a lot of money and she wanted him to marry her. Like Apollo said if he wanted to sleep with Kenya he could have and she would have given the chance.

        4. Yes I agreed. Phaedra knew her man was up to no good and she still wanted people to know he was a saint.

  1. Well it was very obvious to me she was over the marriage when she didn’t even show up to his sentencing. I think she does want to divorce him but she is stalling for image reasons.

    1. I agree. The only reason she hasn’t divorced yet because she knows everyone is just itching to say I told you so. She was so bust throwing her marriage in Kenya’s face but turns out she was miserable with him the whole time. She’s an attorney and her husband has the vocabulary of a third grader. They are really on two different levels.

  2. Good for Phaedra this was a long time coming. This is a good example when you settle for a guy and try to mold him to the man you want he will eventually revert back to his old ways and break your heart.

  3. You can tell Phaedra has been over it. Not only him getting locked up again, but the whole Kenya thing was disrespectful too. She’s fed up and she has every right to be.

  4. Phaedra should leave him. I’m not sure why she married him to begin with. She could have gotten her a smart, college educated man that wouldn’t have embarrassed her on TV.

  5. Eh, I’ll take this seriously when she actually files the paperwork. For some reason I think Phaedra will not divorce him. She’s all about her image. She’s going to keep appearing to be unfazed and unbothered. She’s a master at the pokerface.

  6. Good. But like someone else said, she should have been gone. Apollo brought absolutely nothing to the table and is very selfish. When you get out jail you’re supposed to do everything you can to make sure you never go back.

  7. Apollo is so damn dumb. He kept trying to say they were good and it so obvious they haven’t been good in a long a-s time. I only feel bad for the kids.

  8. Expect Kenya in all her righteous glory to jump on twitter and start jabbering away. The irony is that she is too delusional own her role in the craziness that was the Nida marriage. Me thinks Miss Bath Salts has a whole heap of karma barreling her way for that one.

  9. Well he has been playing her for a dummy str8 up disrespecting her. Apollo is stupid like how far did he think he was gonna go wit the fraud shyt I knw he’s half white but like you are still blk and u wasn’t gonna b the next Madoff….I would be done too. She has been playin shyt too cool. People would’ve known I was done wit his ass. Apollo would’ve gotten knocked the fck out in Anguilla and in Mexico….on camera. Then y’all would’ve seen me throwing his shyt out on the lawn….fck all that “I have an image to uphold” yeah my image is “fck wit me I will embarrass u”

  10. I’m not sure I believe Phaedra is done yet. She may still try to keep up appearances knowing her.

  11. I love this topic. …..phaedra deserve all of it. She put other women down because she’s married and have children. Karma is a b-tch, and just got hers.

  12. Bottom line, he was just a beautiful accessory. He was nice to look at and parade around town and give her the babies she wanted. Of course she’s done now that his fate has been decided!

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