T-Boz Still Upset with Rihanna & Her Fans

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several weeks ago social media went crazy after an interview with T-Boz and Chilli went viral, and T-Boz told the interviewer she believed today’s female music artists got naked too much, but the interviewer claimed the comments were made in reference to Rihanna.

When Rihanna got word of T-Boz’s comments, she took to her Twitter account to slam TLC.

However, T-Boz denied she even had Rihanna on the brain when she made the comments, and she called out Rihanna and her fans for getting nasty with her on Twitter.

Turns out T-Boz is still feeling some kind of way about the drama and during a recent appearance on “The Daily Helpline,” T-Boz didn’t hold back when the topic once again came up.

She says:

“This particular artist, she actually subtweeted our picture or something. So I was like, ‘Wow, even the artists are doing it?’ And especially being in this business, as artists, you should know how this works.”

The show’s host then shows a series of disturbing tweets sent to T-Boz from Rihanna’s Navy, and in the tweets she is told to kill herself, get AIDS and she was even called a “sickle-cell anemia b*tch.” T-Boz even says her daughter was told to shoot herself. When asked if these kind of tweets got under her skin any, T-Boz answers:

“Cyber bullies can catch a brick. A whole ton of them. Because I lose no sleep over that and I dare somebody to come to my face and say something. “

“22 years in the business and I’ve never encountered something like that because I think they’re cowards.”

T-Boz also doesn’t understand why reminding women they can still keep their clothes on to succeed was turned into such a negative thing:

“When is it bad to tell a young girl a positive message? What I said was ‘there’s a lot of girls’…we were talking about TV, movies, and singing.  The lady said did you see what she wore and I said no because I’m on tour. I’m on stage selling out every night, every night boo.”

Check out the video below:


  1. I get having a favorite music artist, but some people just take it way too far. You should never tell someone to get aids or kill themselves just because they are critical of your fave.

  2. It’s the whole social media culture. People feel they can say whatever they want now because they get to hide behind a computer or smartphone. Those tweets were disgusting and downright evil.

    1. I think it has a lot to do with social media too. Some people really stay on Twitter all day and bother people because they think they have nothing better to do with their time.

  3. If she’s going to tell the truth she’s got to tell the whole truth. All fan bases have nut cases. I don’t care who the fave is. Even Michael Jackson has some fans who will whoop your a-s on sight if you speak ill of the king. So people can miss me calling out one fan base like some are worst than others. Naw bruh. There’s a nut in every bunch for every star. And that’s the truth.

  4. I understand what she is saying. It’s not just the navy it’s a bigger problem with these all these cyber bullies and these wacko fans. I love Bey but I ain’t wishing death on anybody I need all my blessings. I truly don’t understand Rihanna she took offense to what T-boz said which was mild compared to what Wendy said and clapped back but let Wendy off the hook when she basically called her whore.

    1. “I understand what she is saying. It’s not just the navy it’s a bigger problem with these all these cyber bullies and these wacko fans.” – THIS!

  5. No lies were told. And Rihanna picks and chooses who she’s going to respond to. If she thinks she can lose in a war of words with someone, she won’t even try it. I knew she wasn’t going to hop on Twitter and drag Wendy when she called her out for being the industry tramp. And I wasn’t wrong either. Wendy may be a former crackhead, but baby she will and can snatch off Rihanna’s edges with her words.

    1. You seriously think Rihanna is afraid of Wendy? Wendy can’t even get A list people on her ratchet little talk show. And her real life is the real shade. Wendy is a miserable human being. There’s no need for Rihanna to curse her out when Wendy’s husband is doing plenty of that at home as well as cheating while he lives off Wendy’s money.

    2. Baby you’re delusional. Rihanna has no reason to afraid of Wendy. She’s had more success than this former crackhead will ever have. Wendy has made a living off of tearing down successful people and she’s a complete joke. Get real.

  6. Everyone talks tough on the Internet. T-Boz should have reported the psychos to the police. That’s the only way they will learn they cannot get on Twitter and say whatever they want to people.

  7. That’s the thing about voicing your opinion now. Not everyone is going to like it and some people will tweet you some things you don’t want to see. Either have thick skin and expect the worse when you criticize someone else, or just keep quiet.

  8. Rihanna just needs to learn how to sit her a-s down. She’s too old to always be trying to be a bad a-s and it was a very bad look for her to go after TLC. Humility and maturity is what she needs.

    1. If the shoe was on the other foot, best believe T-Boz and that child of hers would’ve been all over social media having a fit. Good on Rihanna for standing up for herself. T-Boz needs to move it along and quit milking the story.

  9. I kind of wish the story would just die. I agree the stans went too far but T-Boz played a role in this as well. She fell for a very old media trick and she should have been smarter than that.

  10. I think both parties are missing the point here. It’s the media who pit these black artists against each other and the stans are only making it worse. And T-Boz should take her own advice. She’s been in the industry longer than Rihanna and she still fell for a manufactured beef like a rookie. She should not have made the comments considering how messy the media loves to be.

  11. I don’t get why 10% of celebs come for rihanna I’m the the type of person I wear WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!!! and wouldn’t give a hoot people need to mind their own biz and beside them singers back in the 90s was just as nasty as rih they are no saint if you think rihanna showing her body or too much skin lol well don’t go to Africa you gone see more than that this is America she comfortable in her skin wat about ol girl who got 30,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like Kim kardashian clearly rih still got that lean body but she love it so Bloop!!! I really don’t care people worry bout rih too much

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