Photos: Mack Wilds Does Bleu Magazine

Photo Credit: Bleu Magazine
Photo Credit: Bleu Magazine

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Up and coming R&B singer Mack Wilds is getting lots of radio love for his debut album “New York: A Love Story” and his singles “Own It” and “Henny” are performing strong on urban radio.

It’s also worth mentioning that he also received a Grammy nomination for his debut album too.

With his music career already looking very promising, it’s no surprise he’s already nabbing magazine covers.

Check out Mack Wilds’ Bleu Magazine cover:

mack wilds bleu cover

Check out a few snaps from his spread too:

mack wilds bleu 6

mack wilds bleu 5

mack wilds bleu 4

mack wilds bleu 3

mack wilds bleu 2

As far as his career goes, Mack Wilds has no interest in trying be like anyone else. He tells Bleu Magazine:

“Everyone’s trying to be Denzel or Will Smith or Jay Z, I just wanna be Mack Wilds/This is only the beginning.”


  1. Henny is my ish right now. When they play it at the club I just start feeling myself. LOL.

  2. Love him! His album is actually very good so I actually bought it on iTunes. You have to support the people you like!

  3. People are really sleeping on Mack but I think they are starting to wake up now. They are playing him a lot on the radio now.

  4. too many kats sleeping on homie. He’s better than August and Chris. All facts. If you don’t believe that I dare you to stream New York A Love Story and then listen to the others. There is no comparing.

  5. Been loving him since he was on the Wire. The is a talented young man and i can’t wait to hear and see more of him!!

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