Divorce Prone: Apollo Nida Goes off on Phaedra Parks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Bravo 

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you several days ago the latest gossip suggests Phaedra Parks could divorce Apollo Nida any day now, and many found it very odd that Phaedra didn’t even show up to Apollo’s sentencing.

Although Apollo tried to play it off and told reporters she was just looking after the kids, it was obvious in his demeanor that he was starting to realize his marriage is pretty much over.

Interestingly enough, in a recent interview he actually lets his anger with his wife be known, and he’s furious Phaedra was a no-show to his sentencing.

Apollo also admits the future of his marriage isn’t looking so good.

When asked if he thinks his marriage can last through his upcoming prison time, he tells radio station B-100:

“I doubt it. I mean, my wife didn’t even f*cking show up for my sentencing. So you know, I mean…I’m still kinda salty about that. But whatever.”

Check out the video below via TMZ:


  1. He can’t be salty. He hurt his family and should have thought about all of this before he committed fraud.

  2. Oh please. No one cares about his feelings because he clearly didn’t care about his family when he stealing from all those people.

  3. Well if Phaedra ain’t complaining about him spending his last days constantly in the strip club instead of spending time with her and his sons. He has no right to complain about her not being at the sentencing. I would be ghost too you deadbeat.

  4. I actually side with Phaedra on this one. I don’t blame her for being done with him. What he did was dumb and selfish and she doesn’t have to be there for him if she doesn’t want to.

  5. N-gga what? No one told your dumb a-s to go back to jail. You did that. No one has to ride with you to the bottom idiot.

    1. I totally agree! Phaedra did that sh-t once already negro, twice ain’t happening. You on your own, bruh!

  6. I called him an overgrown man-child before for a reason. He is all about the “I”, never the “We”. After that last go around with Kenya in Mexico, and the embarrassment with the keys, you could see Phaedra was through.

  7. love phaedra but she repetitively was clowning kenya for not having a husband (porsha too) ijs i see why kenya doesnt want to deal with the shuck and jive of marriage!!

    1. Sorry, but Phaedra never clowned Kenya not for ‘not having a husband’. She clowned her for wanting HER husband. Yes, Kenya not being married was frequently mentioned, but only because Kenya was aiming to destroy (or at least trouble) Phaedra’s marriage. There’s a difference in clowning someone ‘for’ something and ‘because’ of something else. Phaedra’s motive was never based on Kenya being manless, but rather her being man-hungry for her husband, Apollo. And as for Kenya not wanting to deal with the shuck and jive of marriage, that’s patently false, too. She wants to be married so bad, she can taste it. She even begs rented men to propose to her on national tv.

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