Floyd Mayweather Backtracks?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day video of Floyd Mayweather seemingly admitting he slept with Tiny at a recent press conference began to make rounds on the blogs. In the video, it appeared that he said the following when someone in the audience brought up T.I.:

“F*ck that b*tch. I was f*cking his b*tch. Money May gon’ make it do what it do baby.”

When Floyd began to catch plenty of backlash for the comments, he then took to his Instagram account to deny he even said the remarks. In fact, he actually says he denied sleeping with Tiny during the press conference. He posted the following to Instagram hours ago:

floyd mayweather instagram

Check out the video again and tell us if you think Floyd was just misquoted:


  1. Lol oh whatever. He really needs to just leave TI and Tiny alone. The fact that he keeps talking about them makes him look bitter.

  2. Umm he’s really lying. But I guess he has to change it up because so many people dragged him. He needs to humble himself.

  3. Oh boy bye. We heard what you said so at least he man enough to stand by it. I am reality starting not to like. Floyd. He has a deplorable personality.

  4. Everyone heard what he said. And he was so proud of it when he said it too. What really bothers me is that he has daughters.

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