Bambi Checks Lil Scrappy over Momma Dee

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Scrappy’s love life has suffered plenty because he allows Momma Dee to get way too involved in his relationships, and it’s clear Momma Dee’s interference is one of the main reasons his engagement to Erica Dixon didn’t work out.

But now she’s meddling his new romance with Bambi, and this time she’s got a little help from Erica Pinkett.

In a bonus clip from last week’s episode, when Lil Scrappy informs Bambi he’s going to have a sit-down with Erica Pinkett and Momma Dee to discuss their fallout, Bambi has finally had enough. She actually called Scrappy out about allowing his mother to meddle in his life and she even asked Scrappy if Momma Dee is his “side b*tch.”

Bambi says:

“You confused still, so you might want to get unconfused. Like, you finna go do something because your momma told you to do it. You ain’t doing that because you want to. Why is she even involved, for real? I don’t understand that. Like is your momma a side b*tch?”

It’s safe to say Scrappy wasn’t happy with the question. Check out his reaction below:


  1. Yeah but Bambi won’t go anywhere though. She doesn’t want to walk away from that check yet. It’s not like she has BBWLA anymore.

  2. Scrappy allows…? You act like he has a choice! Momma Dee is a damn freight train. And until Scrappy unhinges his jaw from her teat, and stop hiding behind her skirts, no other woman will ever be allowed to be a part of his life. She ain’t about sharing!

  3. And when has Momma Dee ever been on the side?! She’s always the main woman in his life and that’s the problem!

  4. Everyone who has been watching the show since the first season knows how Momma Dee is so I don’t know why Bambi is acting all surprised by anything. She knew what she was walking into but didn’t care because she wanted to get on the show.

  5. And despite all this, she’s going to get engaged to him anyway like an idiot. I guess she needs the money.

  6. If she knows Lil Scrappy won’t ever check Momma Dee, why is she still dealing with him? That’s what annoys me about all of this. All of these women know Momma Dee is a problem but they keep entertaining Scrappy. And Erica D is the worse because she has actually been on and off with him for YEARS. Makes no sense.

  7. I’m starting to wonder if Scrappy has some magical paynus because these women be acting a fool over him and dealing with the most just to have him.

  8. This is why you don’t ever date a momma’s boy. The first sign you see of man being to dependent on his mom, you have to go ahead and end that relationship. If not you will be fighting with his momma until one of y’all ends up in the grave.

  9. I swear this is the same exact storyline Scrappy had for the last two seasons, just with different women. Boring!

  10. Scrappy will never have a decent relationship with any woman because he just refuses to stand up to his crazy mom. Smh.

  11. Scrappy will end up alone because he won’t stand up to his momma. No woman wants to put up with that.

    1. lol no he says it’s just a promise ring. But people on twitter were saying it’s Erica’s old ring so she got on there and said it wasn’t.

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