Kevin Durant’s Former Fiancée Monica Wright Explains Why She Ended Engagement

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Why did Kevin Durant and Monica Wright break up? Last year it was confirmed Kevin Durant had gotten engaged to WNBA player Monica Wright, but the former couple only called off their engagement a few months later and it was never really explained why they ended their romance.

Now Monica is speaking out about her broken engagement to the NBA star and she says she ended things for religious reasons. Apparently KD wasn’t willing to completely convert to the same Christian lifestyle Monica lives.

In a recent video posted to YouTube by Mike Peden, Monica says:

“I was engaged last year and it kind of changed that relationship big time because I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.”

Monica talks about the engagement at the 27:39 mark:


  1. And she’s saved? Man, Kevin lost a good one. Sometimes when you’re young and dumb you think having a plethora of hoes is better than having one good woman. Quantity will never top quality. I’m sure she’ll eventually meet the right man for her though.

  2. Kevin is too busy chasing hoes and letting his knucklehead friends eat off his dime to become a good husband to anyone right now. Their breakup was for the best.

  3. I like KD but it’s a blessing that it didn’t work out. Otherwise she would have just ended up as the typical NBA wife who is miserable because her husband doesn’t want to be faithful and give up “the life” for her.

  4. Monica seems like a good woman who has strong christian values and I think Kevin is just not there yet and its nothing wrong with that everybody has to live and learn and differently. Had they dated longer instead of rushing into an engagement they would have probably realized that sooner.

  5. He can get it…

    Now back on topic, I feel like KD and Monica rushed into their engagement. They weren’t together long enough to take that big step and KD is very much enjoying being a NBA star right now. He’s not ready to give up the groupies and partying with his friends all night. It’s best they don’t get married right now.

  6. It’s for the best. If he wasn’t ready and she’s serious about her faith, it’s just not going to work.

  7. I have a lot of respect for her. Most women wouldn’t give up a man especially not Kevin Durant to be closer to God. I really respect that.

  8. Typical of internet posters. You only have one side of the story, yet draw your own conclusions. How do we really know what she is saying is true? Should we just accept it because she says she is a Christian? Seems like she was trying to get back at him. Keep your private business private.

    1. Umm Kevin was just sued by a freaking travel consultant because he didn’t pay her the full price for booking a whole bunch of flights for groupies while he was with Monica. They settled because it was true. And many of us have been keeping up with Kevin and his secret love for groupies for over a year now on this site/social media/forums. Just because you buy into his good guy image doesn’t mean we have to. Good day.

    2. Girl gone. Don’t let your love for KD cloud your common sense. It ain’t that hard to find out what happened with Kevin, Monica and other women. That information ain’t hidden. He’s a great basketball player but he’s not perfect.

  9. Monica is a sweet girl. She took the breakup very hard but she still cares about KD. But her religion is very serious to her.

  10. I’m not really surprised. I used to follow her on IG and she talked about God all the time and posted scriptures all the time too. That’s why I didn’t think they would end up getting married. Kevin is young and enjoying being an athlete. They are in two different places right now.

  11. Seems like she was trying to keep it classy and not say the obvious. Kevin’s partying and groupies is why she ended things. He’s young and he will learn someday because I do believe he has a good head on his shoulders. He just needs a little more time to mature.

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