Trouble in Paradise for Ciara & Future?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While the Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors continue to pile up, it appears another popular music couple has become a target of gossip too.

Ciara just had a baby and the singer has been laying low and enjoying motherhood, but her Instagram behavior has caused some folks to speculate that her engagement to Future may be in jeopardy.

Apparently the singer hasn’t been rocking her engagement ring in her latest Instagram pictures and a recent quote has folks talking too:

ciara instagram 3

ciara instagram 2

ciara instagram

We think it’s a little too soon to write off Ciara and Future’s engagement, so we’re just labeling this as gossip for now.


    1. Aww fake dreads can be really cute. And hers aren’t bad. I think it’s just weird because we’ve never seen her with dreads.

  1. Well she was just cooing over him in an interview, right? Sometimes celebs will stop wearing their rings just to get attention and start speculation. I think she just wants attention.

  2. IDK UB Future isn’t exactly the most trustworthy person. Like I said, she needs to keep an eye on him. His track record with his exes is terrible.

  3. She was wearing that ring all the time so this is a little odd. But what gets me the most is they had a wedding date set and now they say they don’t know when they are going to get married. That’s not a good sign.

  4. Has Future even really been around since she had the baby? I read on a few other sites he wasn’t even there when she gave birth and when he did get there he left in a couple of hours to perform. That’s terrible.

  5. I think the relationship is holding on by a thread. Ciara forced this relationship and in the end she will pay for it. I hate those dreads on her and why is she rocking these in the summer faux locs are heavy it’s too damn hot. I’ve seen some people with some cute faux locs these just don’t fit her.

  6. I really wanted them to work y’all. But something isn’t right. Is he still sleeping with one of his BMs?

  7. Yeah there are a lot of rumors going around but what got me is him not really being around her much since she had their baby boy. That’s a no no.

  8. Future could be around more but to him it’s not a big deal with a new kid because he has like three more. He’s done the new parent thing already and he doesn’t see the issue in doing all these shows. But this is one of those times he should have put his woman first and thought about how it would make her feel.

  9. She looks good. Real talk I never liked her with Future. I always thought she could do much better but she fell for him hard because he was tall, in the business and the first man to claim her. She bout lost her mind when he was bragging about her in interviews. She should have had fun with him and then moved on to someone with more to offer her.

  10. I like her hair too. I have dreads myself, so I’m a fan of it on anyone. It’s always surprising to me to see negative comments on dreads, especially comments from fellow Blacks. But oh well. *flips my bra strap length dreads*

  11. A baby can make or break a relationship. With Future’s track record, I’d believe that he’s on his way to get another woman pregnant right about now.

  12. Orrrrr maybe it’s just a general post? *shrug* I also like her faux locs tho. I think they’re cute and are a nice switch up/protective style.

  13. I think Future got with her to make him relevant. Now if they don’t get married then she will become a BABIES MAMA. That is why you should get to know a person for a while. She should have read Steve Harvey’s book before having a baby with him. Now if this don’t work out it will be kind of hard for her to get with some who has a great life cause he is not going to want to deal with Future’s a-s. Women need to really understand having a baby by someone is not going to make him be with you. I hope she is not going to play this out on social media.

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if their relationship was on the rocks considering Future’s track record, but I don’t think she looks bad with the locks.

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