Lil Mo is Still Riding for Her Man Amid Text Message Drama

Photo Credit: TV One
Photo Credit: TV One

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day reality star Lil Mo’s man Dynamite was put on blast by a young woman who claimed he tried to hit on her via Twitter and even sent her steamy photos of his “man parts” in text messages.

However, she decided to expose Dynamite to the blogs after he told her he wanted a man to watch and “play with himself” as they had a steamy moment in the bedroom.

Once the text messages got out and many started accusing Dynamite of being into men, Lil Mo posted a video on her Instagram account and claimed the whole ordeal was just a publicity stunt. Most people weren’t buying it though, so she eventually deleted the video.

But it’s clear Lil Mo is still riding with her boo despite the drama because she recently popped off on someone on Instagram for clowning him (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

lil mo pops off


  1. Wife duties and she’s not even married to this man because she’s still legally married to the last one…

  2. This woman is very naive. She must be one of those women who always needs to have a man and actually feels validated playing house all the time.

  3. I think it’s just Mo saving face. She said she cheated on her last husband with this guy so leaving him after the text message thing would have been embarrassing to her.

  4. The divorce isn’t even final yet and she’s already claiming another man as he husband. Will she ever learn?

  5. But she’s not his wife. She’s his live in girlfriend and she’s still that other man’s wife. When is she even going to file for divorce from the last guy?

  6. She actually takes pride in washing his clothes every day like he’s not out here checking for other men. Lmao.

  7. Well who really thought she would leave him? I sure didn’t. Lil Mo strikes me as someone who is terrified of being single. She’ll get married like three more times.

  8. THOT behavior. Some people really need to learn how to be by themselves. This dude doesn’t look like he has a job in a pie shop, looks like he hasn’t bathed in weeks, and has nothing to offer Lil Mo’ OR her kids. Soooo someone help me understand why she’s “puttin people in check” over this scrub a** ni**a.

  9. Lil No is soo ratchet so from her response it’s believable that she doesn’t have shyt else to but wash this bum as dudes clothes??? Wat a BIRD!!!!

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