Rapper Cam’Ron Causes Controversy on Instagram, Gets Dragged

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dipset leader Cam’ron hasn’t been major on the music scene in a good minute, but he knows how to keep people’s attention on his Instagram account.

When he’s not posting sexual photos of him and his rumored fiancée JuJu, he’s posting some of the most controversial quotes and causing a frenzy on his account.

Yesterday he posted the following and he managed to anger a lot of people:

camron instagram
camron instagram 2

Of course it didn’t take long before the rapper was dragged in the comment section:

cam dragged 3

cam dragged 2

cam dragged

Interestingly enough, it was when Cam’s boo JuJu was brought up that he appeared to get in his feelings:

cam dragged 4

cam dragged 5

cam dragged 6

cam dragged 7

cam dragged 8


  1. Why do people take Cam seriously? I sure don’t. I try not to pay attention to irrelevant rappers who thrive off IG attention. #shrugs

  2. I’m not shocked. It makes sense that someone of Cam’s stature would say something like this. I mean why would he praise women who were smart enough to use birth control and protect themselves? He’s not smart enough to do that.

  3. He’s pretty stupid. But I never thought of Cam as intelligent anyway. The thing is these women who popped off gave him more attention than he’s ever received his entire music career. Maybe that was the point.

  4. So he’s actually trying to clown women for protecting themselves from unwanted children and STDs? Wow.

    1. And it will continue to be because his dumb a-s just pissed of most of his own fans. Does he not know women are the ones who buy most of the music nowadays?

  5. I’m sure he said this dumb ish for laughs. If he put as much effort into his rap career as he does his trolling just maybe he wouldn’t be where he is now. Just a thought.

  6. Camron is very disrespectful to women especially to JuJu. All those IG vids they use to do she would be damn near naked and they would be in compromising positions. Why would you expose your woman for the world to see. So I ain’t surprised by this and also if JuJu ain’t 35 she is close to it because she said she met Cam in her early 20’s in early 2000’s it’s 2014.

  7. He shaded his own chick tho. And to top it off, he’s actually telling her business too. He basically admitted she’s had an abortion.

  8. Cam is a troll. He has no really career anymore so he sits on IG all day posting BS and showing his girl’s boobs and a-s because he’s hoping someone will be stupid enough to give them a reality show. He’s a joke and not worth getting angry about.

  9. And if you’re over 35 and you haven’t had a platinum album since 2002, your rap career is dumb wack.

  10. At the end of the day, I’m not surprised anymore by the misogyny of some of these rappers, but what always gets me is the women that cosign their words and behavior. How could any woman be okay with that bs he put on IG though? It’s just sad the state of our community nowadays. SMDH!!!

  11. He has no respect for women and there was actually a beautiful woman dumb enough to get engaged to him? Now that’s pretty pathetic.

  12. I can’t with these dumb a-s rappers. And they wonder why their albums are going brick these days. No one wants to spend money on men who hate themselves and women.

  13. Dumbest thing I’ve read in a very long time. I hope the laughs he was after were worth making himself look extremely ignorant.

  14. Cam been on that ignorant tip though. He will say anything and post his girl’s vag on IG if it will get him some likes and comments on Instagram. Meanwhile Jay Z doesn’t even have an account. LOL.

    1. Moguls don’t need or have the time for an account. Jay is busy making his millions…Cameron is busy running his ignorant mouth for free.

  15. I saw this and I unfollowed him right after. Cam is always looking for attention and IG likes/laughs. He’s too old to be so ignorant and childish.

  16. It’s sad that a man who is almost 40 years old would go to such lengths to get likes and comments on Instagram. Times like this I truly hate social media.

  17. This coming from a dude who once said “holy moly” in his song…he just couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say but that’s not a shock considering who said this ignorant statement

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