Amid Rihanna Instagram Controversy, Karrueche Tran Takes Shots at Chris Brown

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you several days ago that folks were starting to think Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown were on the rocks again, and the on and off couple confirmed the gossip by taking subliminal shots at each other on Twitter.

However, Chris may have worsened his temporary fallout with Karrueche by actually liking a Photoshopped picture a Chrihanna fan created and posted to Instagram, causing many to suspect he’s open to another romantic reunion with Rihanna.

So it’s no surprise Karrueche posted a little shade hours later to her Instagram account:

karrueche instagram

Chris just got a haircut several days ago.


  1. I don’t know why she’s throwing shade when she’s just going to take her back when he finally wants her back again.

    1. Karruche is a user and a dam good liar also, and most fall for that bull sh-t hook and sink she is nothing but a gold digger and she good to what she does getting kockie Breezy leave her alone and do you? Your just 25 and 25 year old have fun, so whats the problem he’s not blogged down to no leach and that’s what she is and a dam good liar at that fake and I hope he moves on and another thing are you bogged down at 25 with a mate Please! no one that age Pleae Do You Breezy enjoy your 20’s man.

  2. Who does Kapn Krunch think she’s fooling? We all know they will be back together in a week tops. No matter how much he disrespects her, she always goes back.

  3. I’m not sure what shading him is supposed to do. She needs to cut him off completely and move on for her life. He doesn’t respect her and never will.

  4. I can’t stand people who do this. Look don’t share your little relationship beefs on IG/Facebook/Twitter when you’re just going to get back with the same person you’re complaining about in a couple of days. It’s dumb.

  5. Like someone on here said..Kae won’t completely leave Chris alone but he will be the one to end it for good. That’s how it usually plays out.

    1. She knows better. Chris would drag her. He already calls her a b-tch all the time anyway while she sits there and laughs like a dumb a-s.

  6. And that’s why I get irritated when folks talk about “poor Kae”, and “…why don’t they leave her alone…” She is messy a hell, and always trying to throw shade, then hides her hands. But between this, her “modeling” and a weak-a-s clothing line that nobody wears, what else does she have going on?

  7. The best clap back (like you young people say) would be just walking away from him all together.

  8. It’s clear they are on the outs again. She’s faking the fact she isn’t in Turkey with CB by doing a road trip to Vegas.

    What about that vacation together soon as he gets out of jail?? It’s not easy for him to leave the country while he’s on probation and he didn’t take her with him??

    Although, I don’t want RI back with CB…it leaves me to wonder where is she?? No pics or sightings in the past couple of Days. Hope they didn’t sneak away together.

  9. Laugh now cry later. She’ll be in her feelings when Chris cuts her off again and goes back to Rihanna.

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