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Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara and Future are rumored to be on the rocks, but people started taking the rumors a little more seriously ever since Ciara posted multiple photos of herself to her Instagram account sans her engagement ring.

Both have been silent on the rumors, but now a new report from Sandra Rose alleges the couple is going through hard times because Future allegedly has started an affair with his assistant. The blogger writes:

Friends say Future rarely sees Ciara or his son because he’s too busy touring. They say he spends all of his time — and apparently all of his money — on his well-kept assistant. She flies 1st class on private jets with Future, and she wears expensive high end bags and shoes, which she posts on her social media for Ciara to see. They don’t call Tyrina “Princess” for nothing.

future rumored side chick


Sandra also claimed on her Twitter account that the couple has officially called off their engagement. But we can’t confirm any of this as of now because neither Ciara or Future are talking.

Meanwhile, Ciara took to her Instagram account and let her fans know she’s happy regardless of the rumors:

ciara instagram


  1. Ciara fell in love too fast. She saw obvious red flags in the fact that Future has multiple kids with multiple women but she ignored them because she wanted to be coupled up badly. Very unfortunate situation.

    1. True. That’s why women need to be ok with being single. When you’re not, you’ll jump in just any relationship just to say you have a man. I’d rather be single than miserable.

  2. I’m sorry but Ciara has the worst taste in men. Bow Wow, 50 Cent, and now Future? And didn’t Amar’e treat her like a fun time just to turn around and marry his baby momma right after? Crazy.

    1. I’m not sure if this is true but I heard a few years ago that she was LeBron’s side chick too at some point. Sad to say but this could be karma.

  3. UB I thought something was wrong when y’all pointed out that they went from having a wedding date to not knowing when they would do it. That’s never a good sign. Someone in that relationship doesn’t want to get married and I have a feeling it’s Future.

    1. This. Most couples don’t go from having a date to not having one at all. I do hope she learns from all of this.

  4. I hope he’s not cheating on her like this and she just had his child. If he is that is very terrible and selfish of him. But it’s not like this would be out of character for him.

  5. I know Ciara is loved on this site, but I cannot stand her. Maybe Joan Rivers can help her figure out where it all went wrong!!!

      1. Yeah! For years I’d felt she was a good dancer and that was it, but what she did on Fashion Police was foul.

  6. She has all the time in the world to take 1000 pictures of herself and share them to IG but she’s not going to get Future’s punk a-s together for this trifling sh-t? Ma’am…

  7. I don’t think Ciara is going to give up on him yet. Think about it. She was gung-ho about him and getting along with all his other baby mamas. She knows embarrassment will be sure to come if it ends.

  8. Well she knew how he treated the women before her and she stuck around because she thought he would treat her better because she’s famous.

  9. And didn’t she just cover Bride Magazine too and was crying and ish about how much she loved this dude? Embarrassing.

  10. I never got what she saw in Future. I don’t find him attractive and his music is a-s. Had she had been patient and focused on her career while she waited to meet someone better for her, she would not only have a better career but a better man. Folks better stop rushing into these relationships with the Future’s of the world when they could wait and get a Barack. LOL.

  11. Well she did rush into this relationship. Future said in an interview they slept together on the first date. When you rush things it usually becomes a disaster.

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