Someone Throws a Bottle at Trey Songz, Singer Goes Off

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Trey Songz may get a lot of love from the ladies, but every now and then someone will test him in the middle of his performances.

In a new video that is beginning to spread like wildfire on Twitter and Instagram, someone actually threw a bottle at the singer during his performance of “Na Na.”

Interestingly enough, the singer actually caught the bottle and stopped the show to say the following:

“Hey, whoever p*ssy a*s n*gga throwing bottles…we right here. We right here. We’ll clear the way for your a*s, n*gga. We right here. What’s up? You can keep throwing bottles like a b*tch and you can come up here and get f*cked up. What’s up?”

Folks on Twitter are claiming the incident happened a few of days ago at a club in LA and it was supposedly Trey’s album release party.

It’s also being claimed a man was eventually thrown out for the incident.

Check out the video below:


  1. I don’t know why these dudes keep on trying Trey. Now he will fight and go back to performing like nothing happened. There’s videos on YouTube that prove that.

  2. Why do people go to concerts with the intention of throwing things at the performer? That’s so wack.

  3. Smh. It’s a shame how some people treat these artists. Throwing things at an artist during a performance is never ok.

  4. Trey is the true definition of an R&B thug. He’s sexy, can sing and makes good music but he can and will whoop some a-s when he needs to.

  5. That wasn’t Trey Songz in that video, that was Trigga! And he doesn’t play any games! 🙂

    1. This!!! Lol! I’m listening to Trigga right now so it had me cheesing at work something terrible.

  6. This is the same dude who jumped off the stage and fought the last person who tried him. I don’t know why people are still so bold. :-/

  7. I love Trey but why does this look staged? I don’t know but it does to me… Lol.. I’m probably going to catch some heat for this comment

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