Momma Dee Spills Some LHHATL Reunion Tea & Talks Brian McKee

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A few days ago, LHHATL star Momma Dee made headlines after she posted photos of herself getting flirty with Andrea Kelly’s ex-husband Brian McKee, and she hinted on Twitter that a budding romance was going down between them. However, Brian tweeted they are nothing more than friends, but in a new interview Momma Dee says it’s more than a friendship.

Examiner writes:

Momma Dee recently posted some pictures to Twitter and Instagram of herself with Brian McKee. She proclaimed him to be her king and it really set tongues wagging. So I asked Momma Dee if she was serious about Brian being her king and she confirmed that she wasn’t just messing around on social media, the two are dating. Don’t expect to see Brian on upcoming “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” episodes though. Despite many fans worried that Brian is using Momma Dee for a come up, she assures me this is not the case.

And when it comes to Lil Scrappy’s love life, Momma Dee says Bambi is the only woman she’s digging and she also revealed that despite her onscreen peace with Erica Dixon, their beef was reignited at the reunion. She then hinted that she’s now also at odds with her granddaughter Emani:

“All three of those young ladies…have the utmost respect for me. they are very mannerable. You can tell they were raised by good women and they have a loving heart for Scrappy. But Erica Dixon…that b*tch is shady. I don’t trust her. She tries to drag my son and uses my granddaughter to do it.”

Momma Dee explained how she made up with Erica Dixon recently. Then when they were together at the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion show, Erica came for her. It’ll definitely be worth watching to see Momma Dee shut that right down.

I asked Momma Dee to play some word association with me and she agreed so I asked her to tell me the first thing that popped into her head when I named each of Scrappy’s women. When said Erica Pinkett, she said, “Beautiful Swan.” Erica Dixon however is the “goose that laid a bad egg.”


    1. Well she has always been ratchet. Can’t say I’m surprised she’s not on good terms with Emani. It was inevitable.

    2. Emani and Kandi’s daughter Riley both see their grandmother’s for who they really are. That’s why the girls will be the ones to break ties. Kids will always see you…the REAL you that the BS can never hide!

  1. Momma Dee is a clown. And the last person she needs to be trash talking is her granddaughter. I get that she lacks class and may not understand that, but seriously she needs to leave the child out of her interviews.

  2. Your granddaughter really smh. After reading this I am looking the same way Scrappy was looking at Momma Dee when she started singing that song she wrote on lhhatl.

  3. It’s all fun and games until your granddaughter stops dealing with you. Momma Dee needs to be careful. She’ll be hurt if Emani cuts her out of her life.

  4. Momma Dee never ceases to amaze me. I know it was only a matter of time before Emani became her new target. She won’t stop until both Erica and Emani push her out of their lives for good.

  5. I think Emani is at that age where she’s old enough to understand what is going on and she doesn’t like the way her grandmother has been treating her mom.

  6. Is she serious? What child is going to want to have a relationship with a woman who keeps disrespecting her mom? Momma Dee brought this on herself. She can’t even blame Erica for this.

  7. How does Momma Dee prefer Bambi over Erica when it’s obvious Bambi is only around for that VH1 check? I swear that woman has some loose screws.

    1. When you an old pimp, you recognize and respect others who running the same game. “Like recognize like”.

  8. Momma Dee is such a b-tch. I mean really now she’s mad at Emani like she wasn’t the one trying to fight her momma on TV?

  9. Been over Mama Dee since 1st season. She does ENTIRELY too much. & to top it off she’s bat sh*t crazy.

  10. I’m not defending Momma Dee but to be honest I met Erica’s daughter and she is very grown and disrespectful to adults. Erica needs to teach her daughter how to stay in a child’s place before she get’s smart with the wrong adult. Her daughter was very rude because no one wanted to purchase her t-shirt line but instead wanted to take pictures with Bambi instead.

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