Karrueche Tran Gets Called out by Radio Station

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran probably isn’t having the best week since not only is she currently on the outs again with on and off boyfriend Chris Brown, but right after her camp told TMZ she ended things because he liked a Chrihanna photo on Instagram, Chris’ camp fired back and said he dumped her because she’s an opportunist.

Karrueche was set to do a radio interview with FLOW 93.5, but she apparently cancelled the last minute (she cited an emergency came up) but the station decided to blast her on Twitter over the cancellation because they saw photos on Instagram of her partying before her scheduled interview time (read tweets from bottom to top):

karrueche radio beef 3
karrueche radio beef 2
karrueche radio beef

The station’s official Twitter account went on to tweet Karrueche cancelled to party instead (read tweets from top to bottom):

karrueche radio beef 4
karrueche radio beef 5
karrueche radio beef 7

Karrueche fired back with a little humor:

karrueche twitter



The radio station is now saying they will never invite Karrueche back for an interview.


    1. Agreed. They act like Beyonce or somebody cancelled. They need to get it together and stop being so petty.

  1. Lawd they need to stop. People cancel all the time. But a professional station doesn’t get on Twitter and act childish about it. Smh.

  2. Umm why is Karrueche getting invited for interviews anyway? What does she DO besides f-ck Chris Brown? All they wanted to do is ask her about Rihanna and I don’t want my fave’s name in the same sentence with this chick.

  3. Good! Call her trifling a-s out! When she was on Keke’s couch sniffling and snuffling like a damn chihuahua, all these idiots were feeling for her. Well, nice to see her get called on her sh-t for a change. Bet her people will be doing major damage control now – can’t have doormat be seen as anything other than the victim! *rolls eyes*

  4. Why is this girl being rewarded for being Chris’ weak bish? She doesn’t need to be doing any interviews. She’s an example of what little girls should never be when they started dating.

  5. And of course Bossip stole this too. UB y’all need to start calling them out!!! All they do is steal your stories and they don’t do any real work!!! Ugh!!!!

    UB >>>>>>>> BOSSIP!!!!!

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