Draya Gives Up

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was rumored several weeks ago that Draya and Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick were on the rocks relationship wise, and Draya fueled the rumors even more when she appeared to be posting subliminals about the relationship to her Instagram account.

Eventually Draya told her followers on Twitter that she and Orlando were still very much a couple and the blogs had it wrong but now she’s singing a new tune on Instagram.

She posted the following several hours ago:

draya instagram


  1. Oh Draya! Give the kitty a rest, take care of your son, and next time don’t live your relationship on IG!

    PS: Jackie Christy and her rachet daughter still need they a-ses whooped.

  2. Whether a man is right up under you, or a thousand miles away..if he’s no good he’s just no good. I really like her and the brand she’s trying to build. I hope she takes some time to herself if this is true.

    1. This. I couldn’t stand her at first but now I’m actually rooting for her because she is actually trying to better as a person.

  3. Well it’s not like we didn’t know this was coming. Orlando probably wash’t ready to settle down. It’s tricky trying to be with an athlete.

  4. So the side chick couldn’t take her man having a side chick. Good. Now she understands never to be that woman again and she can actually be someone’s lady and not some THOT all the time. Growth is good. She’ll be ok.

  5. She was too busy claiming his twin daughters, playing stepmom while he wasnt even claiming her son. That itself should have been a red flag

  6. If i was a celebrity i would never have a instagram or twitter account where i personally do all the tweeting. I would just have my PR do what I need. These celebrities are messing up their lives with social media.

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