Ciara Confirms the Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For weeks it’s been rumored that Ciara and Future are no longer engaged and we told you we thought it was odd that the couple went from having a set wedding date to no longer knowing when they would make it official.

It was also rumored that Future allegedly began sleeping with his own assistant and Ciara hasn’t been seen wearing her engagement ring in weeks.

But now Ciara’s camp confirms to US Weekly that it’s over, just months after confirming to the publication that they were engaged:

She’s out! Ciara has called off her engagement to Future, multiple sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly. The “I’m Out” singer, 28, has called it quits with the rapper, 30, just three months after welcoming their son Future Zahir Wilburn.

“He cheated on her. Game over,” an insider tells Us of the “Turn On the Lights” rapper. Another source adds: “She’s devastated. Ciara’s focus now is the baby.”


  1. Poor Ciara. But it’s a life lesson. When you see red flags you have to be honest with herself and just move on. She’ll be ok.

  2. Future is one of those dudes you just have a good time with and bounce. You don’t try to marry him or have his kids because he really ain’t sh-t.

  3. And she was just taking photos with all his other baby mamas talking bout they are a family like several months ago. Embarrassing.

    1. And then remember she wrote that blog clapping back at people and calling everyone negative because people were saying she looked stupid taking pictures with all his baby mamas and what not? I know she feels really stupid right now. Sometimes people are hating but sometimes people are telling the truth too.

      1. Yeah well she’s another one who can’t take criticism and the truth. But at least she isn’t on Instagram acting ratchet and birdlike because somebody typed something she didn’t like. So there’s a chance she can make something out of her career still.

  4. She should have ended it when she found out how many other baby mamas he has. That is never a good sign.

  5. I would have dumped him as soon as I found out he wasn’t paying child support for one of his kids. That’s not a man you marry.

  6. LOL. And to think she was trying to shade Rihanna about not having a man and hers was cheating on her while she was pregnant. Karma is a b-tch.

  7. Nobody should be surprised. Future will never commit to any woman. But he will keep knocking women up though. Smh.

  8. Well I hope this will be the push Ciara needs to stop being a flop. You know you’re a flop when K Michelle outsells you.

  9. Hope this doesn’t become a messy social media breakup. Too many folks calling each other out on IG and twitter. Ciara needs to stay from Kim K and her kind, and concentrate on her baby.

    1. Ciara doesn’t even understand that hanging with Kim was the beginning of the end for her career. I know that friendship turned a lot of people off.

      1. Well she can learn from Kim though because at least Kim dates and marries men who can upgrade her. Kanye may be a weirdo, but he got her that Vogue cover and fashion industry connects she couldn’t get on her own. Ciara keeps hooking up with men beneath her who can’t do anything for her. Just my two pennies.

        1. What upgrading did Kris Humphries do for her? What he did was expose her for the media whore she is, and how willing she is to sell her soul for fame.

          As for Kanye, Kim has met her soul mate in attention seeking. He got her a cover, but she is more hated than ever, and the ratings for her show are in the toilet. Plus, she has to buy all her clothes because no designers are loaning her anything. I don’t see any winning in that situation at all.

  10. Y’all I wanted them to work out!!!!! I hate breakups!!!! Anyway, it’s probably for the best. Future sucks!!!!

  11. Damn so Ciara joined that club along with Lauren London huh?? Smh Future is cute we would’ve just been FTF’s until something great came along …but I guess that’s adding bodies to ur cooch…but she just added a body and a baby so..(shrugs) but yeah u cut off dudes that got mad kids and they kids little and they don’t take care of all of them…I use to tell dudes wit all that “I don’t do the kids thing, cuz I have known so that makes no sense to me”

    1. you need to add bodies to your cooch. it gives you great sexual power which is why men try to down talk it but LOVE it (and you know this MAYIN!) it’s the babies that fuq you up! HAHAHA

  12. Besides having multiple baby mommas, I didn’t like how Future talked about Ciara. In one interview he said the first time he saw her he said to himself he was going to have her one day and to me that just sounded like a man admitting his woman was just a conquest to him. Then there’s the time he said in an interview they slept together on the first date. No man who really loves and respects his woman would tell the world that on a radio station. I’m glad it’s over because Ciara deserves better.

  13. What do u expect from a man who has hella kids & can’t commit? Women always think “I’m different than them” yea I bet they all thought that…. Learn to recognize red flags!

  14. Get married to men who have a lot to lose, because they won’t disrespect so easily cause they don’t want to give up half of their sh-t.

  15. Raise your hand if you really thought that a wedding was going to happen. Old habits die hard. She might have thought she was going to marry dude but trust that even though he had her believing that mess he knew he wasn’t going through with it! You deserve better girl.

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