Ciara Responds to Broken Engagement Report

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been rumored for months that Ciara and Future were on the rocks, and we found it pretty telling that the couple went from having an official wedding date to no longer knowing when their big day would take place.

Rumors have also been swirling that Future allegedly cheated on the R&B singer with his assistant, and Ciara hasn’t been helping putting an end to the gossip by not wearing her engagement ring for weeks now.

US Weekly claimed this morning that a source close to the singer confirmed the engagement is off because Future was allegedly unfaithful, but Ciara is slamming the publication on her Twitter account:

ciara twitter


  1. If she’s going to tweet, she needs to clear everything up. Are they still together or not? Are they still engaged? US Weekly never said Ciara told them that, they said a source told them that and she’s the one who could have cleared all this up like a month ago. Bish going to events and ish with no ring on. Attention seeker.

  2. Umm, okay…but is it true though Ci? Whether it comes from you, him, or the dog, if you’re done, you’re done.

    And you didn’t mind the thirst when you had all these stories running about you being a wonderful baby mama in his harem….I’m sure you didn’t sit for any of those stories either. But they ran, and you were cool with it. Now cuz he embarrassed the sh-t out of you, you want to act salty?

    Chile, the time for saltiness was when you found out about baby mama #3!

  3. It took Ciara all day to respond to the rumor? She is a troll on the blogs so she should have been seen this and the tweets. This sound like when she posed for Vibe nude and claimed she didn’t. As far as i know she never sued Vibe if it wasn’t true. So lets see what action she takes towards US Weekly.

  4. Can someone tap Ciara on the shoulder and remind her she’s not important enough to be lied on? Thanks.

  5. Wait a minute. I just read the US Weekly article again and they never said Ciara told them the engagement was over. They said a SOURCE told them it was over and then towards the bottom they used a quote Ciara said in her interview with Brides Magazine. Don’t tell me Cici is that slow that she doesn’t understand the article…

    1. She’s mad at the wrong people. I don’t like the tabloids but it’s Future she should be yelling at, not US Weekly.

  6. She’s lying. Just like she lied on Vibe and said they Photoshopped her clothes off on that cover. Girl stop.

  7. I guess we have to wait to see what US Weekly says but I do think they are over. Maybe Ciara is embarrassed because people have been in her mentions about it all day.

  8. And once again Ciara is allowing Future to not be a man because he’s the one that needs to speak up about all this. Not her.

  9. Ok so apparently Ciara is talking about another interview US Weekly posted around 5pm today. The headline is “Exclusive: Ciara Talks About Motherhood and Life After Future Split: I’m Focused, “Very Happy…”

    I guess she’s saying she didn’t do THAT interview.

  10. Ciara pls, you should be happy somebody even paying you attention because when it comes to the music you gets none! What you should of done was used it to your advantage & put out a single!

  11. UB Brittni is in Europe with Future right now. He really is messing with her again and she’s on IG throwing it in Ciara’s face. Smh.

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