More Details Released on Ciara & Future’s Breakup

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yesterday it was reported by US Weekly that Ciara and Future had called off their engagement, and a source told the publication the root of their demise was Future’s alleged cheating ways.

Now we told you weeks ago whispers were suggesting Future was allegedly having an affair with his personal assistant, but that report was never confirmed.

Then of course it was also rumored that Future was creeping around with his baby mama Brittni (she’s the same one who had multiple Twitter beefs with Ciara), but Brittni denied the rumors on her Twitter account.

Interestingly enough, some folks in Atlanta are saying she wasn’t be honest. Straight From The A writes:

Years later, the pair were reintroduced by their mutual label, Epic and as an effort to jump start both of their careers they began ‘dating’. It didn’t take long for their constructed relationship to become a real life on and the two got engaged in October 2013.

Business is business and it seemed like a good look for them both. They even shared a home in Los Angeles but Future still tip toed back to Atlanta to be with his other baby mama on several occasions.

Fast forward to now, and my sources reveal that Future has been back with Britanni for months now.



The blogger also claims Future never really ended things with his baby mama and Ciara allegedly knew that before she got pregnant.

In related news, we were hit up by a source about two months ago who told us that Future was allegedly messing around with an up and coming R&B singer from Louisiana. So if you ask us, the whole situation is very messy and Ciara is better off focusing on her son and her career at this point.

And as far as that tweets are concerned, many were confused as to what Ciara meant when she claimed she never did an interview with US Weekly. Well Ciara later clarified that she did do an interview with US Weekly, but she feels her quotes were being manipulated (read tweets from bottom to top):

ciara twitter 2

ciara us weekly beef


It looks like Ciara isn’t denying that her engagement to Future is over though.


  1. Ciara always knew Future was messing around but she thought a baby and marriage would change him but I don’t think he ever wanted to get married. He just proposed to keep her around.

  2. He’s a dog, but what is Ciara if this tea is true though? When you settle just for a come up in life, you also settle for the BS that goes along with it.

  3. Well if any of this is true, Ciara just dodged a bullet because marrying him would have been nothing but a life of heartbreak.

  4. Ciara just needs to let her publicist handle all this and stay silent and focus on her son and her career. Channel this hurt into some good music.

  5. Baby Ciara’s stans have been dragging Future by his edges since yesterday!!!!! His mentions are tragic!!!!

  6. I told y’all Future only saw Ciara as a conquest. He never loved her. He liked the idea of knowing he could have her and now he’s back to doing what he does best…hoeing around.

  7. Ciara can let Future’s baby mama and the rest of the birds he sleeps with have him. He’s not all that anyway.

  8. Ummmmm I like Ciara but I DO NOT feel sorry for her. Unlike us regular chicks she has more opportunities to find a good decent dude….she is in the industry someone knows something valuable that can help you find a good man or stay away from the trash. She knew from jump Future was no good and still messing wit his baby moms which most of these men that have young children wit they baby moms still go back and mess wit them…..she didn’t care and went ahead like a dummy while engaged and gave him a kid. She should’ve been on birth control. Why did it take for her to have a kid to finally realize he is definitely a POS??? I DO NOT get it and I DONT FEEL SORRY 4 HER

  9. See this is the difference a boy and a man! Future is a grown a-s boy. He doesn’t want to control himself and stop having all these kids. A smart woman would run from him.

  10. UB Brittni is in Europe with Future right now. He really is messing with her again and she’s on IG throwing it in Ciara’s face. Smh.

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