Jay Z Disses Kim Kardashian?

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you when the “Flawless (Remix)” dropped recently that we suspected Beyonce may have taken a few shots at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and Kim possibly returned the shade in a recent Instagram post.

But now some are whispering that Beyonce’s hubby Jay Z may have taken the bold approach and dissed Kim in person.

The Sun was told by a source that when Jay Z saw Kim recently at a high-profile Malibu restaurant a few days ago, he walked right past her like she didn’t exist:

“It was really awkward. Jay Z had been quite low-key having a meal with pals.

“But then everybody noticed the entire Kardashian family when they came in.

“Jay Z was heading to leave and Kim was right in front of him. They just completely blanked one another.”


  1. I know Kim is bitter. She really thought getting with Kanye would put her in Beyonce and Jay Z’s circle and they still don’t do her.

  2. Jay didn’t have to speak if he didn’t want to. Kim is nothing more than a porn star who got a pass for it because she’s a white girl.

  3. Is he supposed to kiss Kim’s a-s like the pathetic black celebs do? Nah. He knows he doesn’t have to so he won’t. Kim needs to get over herself.

  4. What? Acknowledge her, after she and her b-tch had so much to say?

    Kim needs to transfer some of that a-s fat back to her brain, cuz clearly she’s delusional.

  5. I’m pretty sure Bey and Jay know it’s Kim and co behind the divorce rumors so they aren’t going to play nice with them anymore. I can’t say I blame them either. Why be friendly to someone who wants to destroy everything you worked so hard to get?

  6. What? Acknowledge her, after she and her b-tch had so much to say?

    Kim needs to transfer some of that a-s fat back to her brain, cuz clearly she’s delusional.

  7. Why is Kim sending this crap to the media? He doesn’t have to speak to her. Most A listers want nothing to do with Kim or her family because they are shady people who will use anyone and throw them under a bus to extend their 15 minutes. Jay and Beyonce are just trying to protect their empire. Nothing wrong with that.

  8. Time for plan B. Kim is probably not happy all she got out of this marriage is a kid and a Vogue cover. She wanted A list status and still can’t get it.

    1. She’s playing the game all wrong. If she wants respect, she has to chill with the booty selfies, and actually do some work for once.

  9. She was on WWHL last night and dreaded telling Andy she has never hung out with the Carters. She was just so salty about it. #PoorDat

  10. It must suck to be famous for absolutely no reason because when you have no talent, you’re constantly stressing to keep your 15 minutes going. That is why I doubt Kim will stay with Kanye. Once the public gets bored with their marriage, she’ll dip.

  11. Kim and her white privilege annoys me. She really thinks every black person should worship the ground she walks on. And when they don’t, she slanders them.

  12. Jay is a grown a-s man married to Beyonce, a beautiful woman who alone is worth half a billion dollars. He’s not thinking about Kim Kardashian or her family. Unlike Kanye he was smart enough to marry a woman who adds to him and doesn’t take away from his brand. Beyonce works for her money legitimately and she’s respected with numerous accolades to prove it. He’s good.

  13. Doesn’t Kim have an adorable little girl to be a mother to? If I were her I’d focus on being a good mom and stop worrying about trying to befriend the A listers. Life’s too short to be so superficial all the time.

  14. He did the right thing. The Kardashians only need a little bit from you to sell some lie to the tabloids. It’s better to just ignore her then get dragged by PMK’s media connects.

  15. I know Kim’s pride was hurt. Oh well. You can’t force people to like you or be your friend. This isn’t high school. Everyone is grown and people should stop trying to fit in. Her and Kanye are both like two teenagers trying to sit at the cool kids table and it’s pathetic.

  16. Kim is so obsessed with the Carters. She’s been putting out these stories since she first got with Kanye. LOL.

  17. Ok. What’s the problem? He doesn’t have to speak to Kim if he doesn’t want to. Her and her family need to stop acting like black people owe them something. They don’t do that to white celebs. They know the white celebs don’t do them and they understand it. But black people should bend backwards for them? Nah.

  18. Everyone can sense that Beyonce and Kate Middleton is on Kim’s take down list but she can never compete. She needs to stop trying because it’s looking pathetic. What this new money family will stoop to for status since they already have the “fame”.

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