Amber Rose Responds to the Divorce Rumors?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For the last few days, it has been rumored that newlyweds Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s marriage is already on the rocks, and the rumors are a result of Wiz’s most recent Twitter activity.

Interestingly enough, Amber subliminally used her Instagram account to clap back at the gossip. And it appears the couple is on good terms. Rumor Fix writes:

Rumors of trouble in paradise came about after Wiz posted a series of cryptic tweets to his Twitter account. Followers began to wonder if the messages were targeted towards his wife and mother of his child.

Some of the tweets include:

“It’s crazy because this always happens and I always end up feeling like this.”

“I love you, but your freaking me out.”

“Watch out for psychological vampires.”

“The most expensive mistakes happen in cheap hotels.”

But Amber blew off reports of a rocky marriage on Wednesday, posting a sweetpic of her and hubby Wiz, alongside the caption, “The Khalifa’s”. The starlet also posted a flick sporting a robe with the words “Mrs. Wiz” written on it. Rose captioned that photo, “The Love is real.”

amber rose instagram

amber rose instagram 2


    1. Me too! I think he is kooky as hell, and I saw her once on Russell Simmon’s show where she pulled one of those “…do you know who I am…? situations because the driver wouldn’t open her door.

      But now that she’s a Mom and wife, she has really grown on me. Being away from Kanye’ crazy behind didn’t hurt either.

  1. Those tweets were suspect but Wiz was probably so high at the time he could have been tweeting about anyone.

  2. They probably were having issues but worked through them. No marriage is perfect. Happy they are not splitting.

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