Rapper B.O.B. Angers Mike Brown Supporters with Recent Tweets

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Mike Brown story has caused an interesting debate in the black community, and some celebrities like Keke Palmer are feeling lots of heat for sharing their opinions about the slain teen’s story on their social media accounts and recent interviews.

However, rapper B.O.B. didn’t hold back when he gave his opinion on the situation recently on his Twitter account, but his views made so many people angry that he eventually just decided to delete the tweets.

But check out the most controversial ones below:

b.o.b. twitter

b.o.b. twitter 2

b.o.b. twitter 3

b.o.b. twitter 4


  1. I don’t even know who this is but I’m tired of some black people trying to change the subject. We’re not talking about black on black crime, we’re talking about police brutality. The fact remains that a white man killed multiple people in a movie theater and the cops peacefully escorted him out of the building, while they keep murdering unarmed black men over petty crimes. I wish they would just shut up and stop standing on their soap boxes right now.

    1. Not only did they escort him out of the building, they talked to him for 30 minutes… TALKED TO HIM for 30 minutes. THEN escorted him out.

  2. This is what him and Keke will keep saying until what happened to Mike Brown happens to one of their own family members.

  3. Umm and white people kill each other everyday too but cops still value their lives more. So what the hell is his point? Does he not know that white on white violence is at 84%?

    1. Girl no he doesn’t. Most black people don’t know that but they know every stat that paints us in a bad light by heart. It’s sickening.We have really been brainwashed to believe white people are better. Smh.

  4. Black on black crime and a black teen getting executed by a police officer. I’m not following the correlation he is talking about. He sounds just like those idiots on Fox news.

  5. Why did the idiot delete the tweets? If this is what he believes, then he needs to stand by it. Smh at the ignorance.

  6. It’s true, our people get so up in arms when someone outside of our race kills a Black person but yet when it’s Black on Black crime it’s free my n*gga, no snitching and all that other crap. If you’re going to be upset about crimes against Black people it should be even across the board not just when someone who is not Black does it. What happened to Michael Brown was a tragedy that should never have happened but as upset as we are about this we need to be this angry when it’s one of our own who has killed as well. Black people will always be viewed the way we are because there are those among us that doesn’t see the value in another Black life, those who continually make us look ridiculous to the outside world and simply those who just don’t wish for anything more than what the hood offers. This is not the dream MLK talked about and it’s just shameful.

    1. White people are just as violent to each other but they are protected by police officers. I can’t stand you new blacks. Yall are so quick to down your own race and put whites on a pedestal. Goodbye Uncle Tom.

    2. “Black people will always be viewed the way we are because there are those among us that doesn’t see the value in another Black life, those who continually make us look ridiculous to the outside world and simply those who just don’t wish for anything more than what the hood offers.” — Did you really make excuses for racism and prejudice against blacks? You’re very ignorant. Newsflash, my brother doesn’t even wear saggy pants, has a masters degree and was still questioned by a police officer for sitting in his car in a parking deck at the mall. He had only been in the car for a few minutes but a white cop harassed him anyway. Had he questioned the cop, he could have been killed or framed for a crime he didn’t commit and you better believe the police department would have protected their own. You have a lot to learn.

    3. I hope you’re either a white troll, or young and naive because if you had any sense, you would understand there is nothing black people can do to stop racism and prejudice. You can have all the education in the world, great grammar, a great job and they will still look at you as inferior.

    4. Your analogy is EXTREMELY flawed. Why were white people killing us during slavery then? Why were they killing us during the Jim Crow Era? Why did they kill those of us who exhibited every positive trait that you’ve mentioned?

    5. ”looking the part” doesn’t help you brother… I’m so sorry. I feel so much compassion for you. How do you absorb & internalize that you are killable, always killable? You create your own fictions. To survive, to live. I understand.


  7. The good thing about these kind of issues is you always find out who is down for the race and who’s just a sellout.

  8. How is it not about race when it’s only black unarmed men getting murdered by police for crimes that aren’t even serious and white criminals who commit more heinous crimes aren’t treated as harshly? He sounds very stupid.

    1. He sure does….. I’m trying to figure out why these watered down blacks can’t see what’s really going on…. it’s sad when whites commit crimes they manage to either arrest them or they are given time to commit damn suicide but with blacks it’s shoot first ask questions later.

  9. What b.o.b said is true….if a black child is bullying a white child they friends and parents laugh about it they even post it on the internet… But when that white child comes to school and blow that sh-t up the screaming R.I.P so and so….as black people we really need to wake up

    1. What the hell are you even talking about? Either you’re white or riding the same slow bus as Keke and B.O.B. because y’all can’t even stay on topic.

      1. No one is dumber than you though. How are you going to mention what’s happening in Chicago and not mention the teens protesting and marching in Chicago to stop the violence? How are you not going to mention the teachers risking their lives to stop the violence in Chicago? The boycotts? Oh, that’s what I thought. You sellout uncle tom. If you were alive back during the Civil Rights Movement, I bet you would have been one of the blacks who criticized what MLK was doing talking about things were fine the way they were and black people need to stop complaining when we have other issues.

      2. Go away you white troll. I can always spot y’all because y’all will always deflect from the real issue at hand. Y’all can’t stand when we unite and stand together on something.

      3. White people are the most violent and f-cked up race there is. They enslaved and killed blacks, created the projects and drug epidemic, stole from and killed the Indians, are responsible for massive school shootings, and kill unarmed blacks while hiding behind badges. Don’t talk to me about no damn Chicago. Whites wrote the book on violence and murder!

        1. They also ruined religion and lie about everything. They didn’t discover America, Jesus wasn’t white and Africans were more advanced than they were before they took us and made us slaves.

  10. This is why it should be required for all black people to learn our history (not just the civil rights movement) because a lot of these young black people are dumb and hate themselves. They don’t know the Garden of Eden was in Africa, that we were the pioneers of education and our people were kings and queens while whites were living in caves. They believe the lies put out about Africa that we were behaving like animals and we were uncivilized and that is not the truth. Only when you learn about your people will you have pride in your people.

    1. I had to school some young chick at my job about this the other day. Im in grad school and was writing a paper about this. I was looking up the FBI statistics and white on white crime is way higher not to mention they lump Afro-carrib blacks with us to make out rates for black on black crime higher. All this stuff in the media is a projection and propaganda against blacks. If they can keep demeaning us and dehumanizing us then they are justified in killing us. Some black people want to assimilate and act outrage when it’s fitting but aren’t educated enough to make opinions

      1. Awesome. Thank you for educating that young sister because too many of us are walking around uneducated about our own people. It hurts us too.

  11. I don’t get black people who are mad that black people are uniting to fight against an injustice. How the hell do you even get mad at that and you’re black yourself?

  12. I just wanted to say I love my UB fam. Y’all can spot the trolls quickly and y’all use education to shut them down. It’s refreshing. I love it!

  13. The issue is these new blacks think they are above black people issues. They don’t think what happened to Trayvon, Mike Brown, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant, etc. could happen to them or their loved ones, so they look down on those who protest. But life always has a way of humbling people. So let them talk. Let them put us down for protesting and speaking up. The next time it very well could be their own family member. They will get it then.

  14. I loathe when black people bring up black on black crime and say we need to be fair and balanced as if white people aren’t some of the most hypocritical people on the planet. Shut up. Please.

  15. I’ll probably be dragged but, we’re all entitled to speak our opinion: I agree w both sides. I do feel that a lot of times when unarmed black boys/men are killed by whites it gets nation wide coverage. There’s riots & protests across the nation Whereas when it’s black on black it’s not the same. I’m not saying that to say that racism/prejudice isn’t going on (I left Chicago & moved to a hick town & no surprise racism is definitely more prevalent). Now if I’m wrong about the protests & riots (for black on black crime) then I apologize. & before anyone says I’m not black or an “Uncle Tom” I’m not. I only comment on this blog cause everyone seems to be respectful. Overall I do feel our youth needs to be educated on our history. If you keep a person ignorant you can continue to control them. Idk about anyone else but when I was in elementary & middle school February was dedicated to black history. Once I got to H.S (’07 grad) black history was non existent. Anyone else I’ve mentioned this to said the same thing. Can’t tell me that this wasn’t done on purpose.

    1. Nobody is going to drag you sis because you’re familiar and we know you aren’t trolling. But yes, there are marches and protests against black on violence, and there was one in Chicago back in June. Did the media cover that? Of course not. The problem is the media doesn’t cover those marches and protests because then they won’t be able to tell use the lie about not caring about black on black violence.

      1. Thanks love. I was a lil nervous for a sec. Lbs. & no. I didn’t hear about the protest, not even from my fam who still lives there. Am I surprised it wasn’t televised? Nope, cause just like they’re running law enforcement they’re doing the same w media

        1. LOL. We’re actually selective with the draggings we do around here but you gave a respectable response. And we know you aren’t trolling because you leave good comments on the regular.

    2. Yeah they got rid of black history to dumb us down and encourage self hate. You can see it was effective by reading these tweets and Keke Palmer’s tweets as well.

      1. Yes! I also think it’s b/c by the time you reach H.S you’re able to comprehend better. They don’t want us getting up starting a revolution.

  16. So let me get this straight. He’s saying we can’t speak up against police brutality because of black on black crime? How does that even make sense? Every race is violent to each other, yet we are the only race who is slaughtered by police in large numbers every year for petty crimes even when we are unarmed. To tell us to be quiet because of black on black crime goes against everything MLK stood for. If he was alive today he wouldn’t tell us to be quiet, he would be right here marching with us. I can’t stand these black celebrities who speak this rhetoric. There is nothing wrong with us uniting and fighting for the end of police brutality of our people!

  17. He sounds just like the white people who are trashing Mike Brown on Twitter. Actually there’s no difference. He’s saying the exact same thing Fox News is saying. Very disturbing.

  18. Here is the difference in the two…

    In a black on black or a black on white crime the perpetrator, who is black, is:

    1. Immediately found and possibly killed whether guilty or innocent.
    2. If not killed, immediately arrested whether guilty or innocent.
    3. Fingerprinted, Booked and Processed immediately whether guilty or innocent.
    4. Kept into jail until the trial or released on an extremely high bond whether guilty or innocent.
    5. Quickly tried whether guilty or innocent.
    6. Placed in prison… guilty or innocent.

    Basically there is nothing to protest because the system goes into action immediately getting this person into the prison industrial complex.

    In a white on black crime PARTICULARLY involving the Police, the perpetrator, who is white is:

    1. Protected by the police.
    2. Not arrested.

    Cue protest.

  19. First off I would like to send my condolences to the Brown family. I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through or feeling.I agree with a lot of the comments on here that was made by UBM readers. I also understand what B.O.B. is trying to say; race relations has always been a very sensitive subject. We have to value ourselves and treat ourselves in a certain way or other people will think it’s okay to treat us any kind of way. They don’t value themselves; so I am not going to value them either is often the mentally of some. We have to continue to do the work that Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks and everyone else who fought for or died for our right to be treated equally and fair. Sometimes in communities when there is a tragedy such as the one that happened to Mike Brown and countless others we sometimes do things that are counterproductive such as looting or burning down businesses in our own communities. What does this solve? Nothing. We have to do things that bring about change and move forward; not backwards or at a stand still. We have to show the outside world that we are united at all times; not just when we are murdered at the hands of the ones who try to oppress us or who are supposed to protect us. First we have to educate ourselves and change our mind set or we will keep going backwards. I don’t know what really happened to this young man who was headed to college because I wasn’t there, but what I do know is that a family is grieving right now and maybe this could have been prevented. There are both good and bad people in this world and some of those bad people have took a vow to protect and serve. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but we also have to be empathetic to the families involved. A lot of these cops are trigger happy and when they come in contact with AA they immediately feel intimidated whether there is a threat or not. I think some new training and techniques need to be put in place.

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